Madagascar Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island, situated off the southeast coast of Africa.  It's home to 17.5 million people and many of the worlds most endangered species–the vast majority of which are found nowhere else on earth.  We've been supporting efforts to save the rainforest in Madagascar  for many years, through the work of World Wildlife Fund, WWF and Conservation International.

I was sad to read in the New York Times today, that political turmoil in Madagascar has led to lawlessness and a situation where the country's last remaining rainforests are being logged by armed gangs of profiteers, clearing rosewood, ebony and other valuable tropical hardwoods.

Marojejy National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Madesgar's most strikingly beautiful wild area was closed this month as conditions were too dangerous for park rangers to work in.

Along with the destruction of rainforest lands, may be the disappearance of some of the world's most endangered primates, like the ring tailed lemur and the Silky Sifaka lemur.


As woodworkers, part of our job is to educate consumers about the need to avoid use of rainforest woods, particularly the rosewood and ebony that are coming from endangered areas like Madagascar.  If you or someone you know is purchasing wood flooring, furniture or accessories, please encourage them to use sustainably harvested woods originating in the USA.

You might also like to visit Ryan Wilson's Save the Madagascar Rain Forest petition site today and add your signature urging the Madagascar government to cooperate with international effforts to save the rainforest.  Or adopt a lemur from the WWF.  Without our help, scientists estimate that the forest will be depleted in less than 20 years.  You can help prevent that!  Thanks!

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