One of the most fun aspects of life at Vermont Woods Studios is working with people from all over the world who share our passion for quirky artisan furniture and rainforest preservation.  Rudie is one of those people.  Emailing us from the far reaches of Norway, up in the Arctic Circle, Rudie began to query us about Coat Tree, a crazy, knarly, coat rack crafted of red maple saplings by naturalist, David Holzapfel.  It must be that you need lots of coats in Norway and your coat rack must have to be inspiring enough to make you want to put your coat on and brave the weather.  I’m not sure, but Rudie was willing to work back and forth with us for quite some time while we worked through the necessities of shipping, customs and so forth.  Coat Rack is now securely crated in what seems to be a bomb-proof crate… just waiting for Rudie to return from his dog-sledding expedition before we send it on its way.  Thanks so much Rudie for your business, but more than that for your confidence in us and your patience with the process.  We can’t wait until you receive Coat Rack and send us a photo of it at work.  We’ll post it here.  A background of the Northern Lights would be nice 😉

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