For years I’ve been asking myself: so what are you doing about global warming?  And the fact that every species of big cat (lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetas, leopards…) and every species of sea turtle and every species of great apes, and so on, is endangered? 


These are issues I can’t just turn away from.  Don’t you hate it when people just ignore this stuff and act like there’s nothing they can do about it.  We CAN do something about it and we must.  This is the reason for  the manifesto and the foundation of Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture. I'll draft the manifesto up right here on my blog.  How else will I find time to do it?  Chime in with your comments and suggestions.  We’re going to come up with something brilliant that changes the way people think about their furniture! 


Think about this.  We’re out there ravenously gobbling up cheap, curbside furniture (stuff that will be on the curb in 5 years) at big box stores, all the while not knowing that our consumer habits are leading to the destruction of the rainforest, extinction of the most biologically diverse pristine places on the planet, and exacerbation of global warming.  If people knew that their furniture choices had these consequences, would they instead begin to purchase things that were made from sustainably and legally harvested wood.  Things that would last for many generations rather than many months?  I think so. 


So that's our mission…to show people how powerful they are as consumers…especially through the purchase of sustainable furniture, but also by adopting a green attitude toward all their purchases.

This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, the newly restored 1800s farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

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