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Are you spending more time at home these days and less time going out? If you're burrowing in for the winter, maybe now is the time to curl up on the couch, take a look at the furniture in your nest and think about where it actually came from.  See how well it meets this totally biased, arbitrary and unscientific test.

If your furniture is:                                                                                   Give Yourself

  1. Made in America:                                                                                 10 points
  2. Made of local woods and materials:                                                      30 points
  3. Handmade by local craftspeople:                                                          40 points
  4. Has non-toxic finish:                                                                               5 points
  5. Made of sustainably harvested woods and/or other organic materials:    10 points
  6. Imported from China, Vietnam, India or other third world countries:    -100 points
  7. Made from illegally harvested rainforest woods like mahogany, teak:    -100 points

What was your score?  It's hard to even know because chances are there is nothing on the furniture to provide this information.  It's a good bet, however that if you didn't go out of your way to buy American and you don't know where it came from, your furniture is probably imported, made from illegally harvested rainforest wood and crafted by slave laborers making pennies per hour.

We're trying to encourage consumers to buy American furniture, that's handcrafted here in the USA from local sustainably harvested woods, by people making a livable wage.  Oddly enough, the price is roughly the same either way. 

Check out our American made furniture at Vermont Woods Studios and compare.

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