Vermont Woods Studios Handmade Furniture

What Would it Take to Get Your Help?

February 16th, 2008 by Peggy Farabaugh

Help us brainstorm ways to entice you to get onboard The Green Train and help us spread the word about our eco friendly furniture.  If you know people who are shopping for a new dining table & Chairs or bed or media center, we want you to send them to our website. And we want to reward you for that. So let us know what it would take. Currrently we offer a 5% reward to customers who refer their friends to us and we're extending that to you too. So for example, if you refer a friend and that person purchases $5000 in furniture, you receive a check for $250. The cool thing is that you can either take the cash or donate it to one of a number of non-profits that are working to save the rainforest.  Tell us what you think about it and tell us what else we can do to get you on board The Green Train!  The clock is ticking…there's no time to lose.


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