Help keep your community clean, green and natural by volunteering for Green Up Day. Connect with your town's volunteers here.

Tomorrow is Green Up Day in Vermont. That annual Spring day when thousands of good, green Vermonters don their muck boots and head on out along our state's highways and byways to pick up the trash left by others who are… well, not so eco-conscious let's say.


This year Green Up Day has officially been designated part of Vermont's post-Hurricane Irene recovery effort.

Have you participated in Green Up day before?  If not, how about giving it a try? 

You can find out who's coordinating Green Up day in your community and join them. 

In Vernon, Faith Jobin and her son Jemez have volunteered to lead the project this year.  They'll get all the volunteers together in the morning at the Vernon recreation center, send us out with trash bags and snacks, then throw a pizza party at noon to thank everyone for helping.  It's a good time to get outside with your neighbors and help steward your community's natural landscape and waterways.

Manjula has volunteered to lead our Green Up efforts at Vermont Woods Studios tomorrow and we'll be working to clean up the Vernon Pond on Newton Road.  If you live nearby, come and join us!  We'll post pictures on our Facebook next week.  Green on.

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One thought on “Vermont’s Green-Up Day Is Tomorrow

  1. Participating in such a ecological orineted project is a way to demontstrate that you are concerned about the future of our planet person. This the least that we as responsible citizens can do, to give an example of our children.


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