Vermont Woods Studios is Proud to Support VPR
Silviculturalist Jose Luis Alvarez and I were interviewed by Nina Keck at VPR last Fall. The Vermont Edition show offered us a chance to share our passion for conserving monarch butterfly habitat in Vermont and Mexico.

VPR Underwriter

  • “I know… I heard about that on All Things Considered last night”
  • “Are you going to the Vermont Brewers Festival this year?”  “When is it?”  “Not sure… check VPR’s website”
  • “What’s the forecast this weekend?”  “I just heard Mark Breen say it’s going to be gorgeous”

These are the kinds of conversation snippets you’ll hear daily at Vermont Woods Studios. Vermont Public Radio VPR is very much a part of our lives, so we’re excited to be an underwriter.  VPR really does serve up the best mix of news, arts, culture, entertainment, politics, commentary and weather anywhere in Vermont.  No one else compares.

VPR Studio in Colchester VT | Vermont Woods Studios
We visited VPR’s studio recently… what a gorgeous place with a fascinating history! Here’s Ken meeting with Will Pearson and Laurie Kigonya, helping to get some outdoor furniture selected for the front entrance.

How to Underwrite or Donate to VPR

If you listen to VPR, you may already underwrite or donate, but if not, here’s a link to their donations page.  The easiest way to donate is to become a Sustainer and have a small amount automatically donated every month.  If you’re a small business (or a large one), you’ll want to talk to Will Pearson about Underwriting.

Polywood Outdoor Furniture | Quattro
Our Polywood Quattro outdoor furniture looks stunning at the VPR studio in Colchester. It provides a comfy place to relax and discuss news, entertainment or what’s for lunch.

Living Local

We want to thank Will & all the folks at VPR who practice what they preach when it comes to buying local.  We’re thrilled that they chose Vermont Woods Studios for their outdoor furniture needs.  A quick tour of VPR headquarters revealed their obvious support for local companies as the place is filled with Vermont made furniture, fixtures, supplies and decor.

Polywood Outdoor Furniture | Quattro | Vermont Woods Studios
Check out our Polywood furniture for your own patio, porch or deck. It’s the only outdoor furniture you’ll find that’s guaranteed for a lifetime. Like VPR, it’s going to be around awhile.

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