The other day Ken got the word from his orthopedic surgeon that he's not released to go back to work yet until he gets another week of physical therapy for his new hip.  Anyone else would be thrilled but Ken is starting to go a little stir crazy. 


We try to alleviate that some now and then by giving him a few light chores to do around Vermont Woods Studios Furniture.  Today his big event was putting up a new sign outside the showroom.


Now he's off to rest from all the exertion.  Pretty funny… knowing Ken, huh?







Manjula and Douglas are such hams in front of the camera, aren't they? Everytime I get it out to take pictures of our furniture, they jump right into the photo.  They insisted I take a picture of them today.  Hahaha!  Not really (quite the opposite), but they forced me into the photo above so I thought it was only fair to reciprocate.  They were good sports about it, as always.

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