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Vermont Artisan Robin Chase of Maple Corner Woodworks

September 23rd, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Robin-chase-furniture-vtFriday Douglas and I traveled around Vermont to check in with a few of our fine furniture makers.  Our last stop was at Maple Corner Woodworks to see our friend Robin Chase.

Robin’s been crafting beautiful fine wooden furniture for over 25 years and it’s always fun to visit his workshop in pastoral Calais, Vermont.  Besides seeing all of his works in progress we got to tour the Maple Corner campus and meet the furry sentinels that guard and patrol the grounds (see photo).

It was a very productive meeting and it didn’t hurt that it was in a setting of Robin and Annie’s herbal gardens and central Vermont’s rolling hills.

I see Robin’s furniture as a reflection of his own demeanor: elegant,
refined and genuine.  He’s a master at combining authentic Shaker sensibilities with modern, contemporary design.  Check out his furniture creations on our website:

Cherry Moon Furniture Collection

Vermont Made Shaker Furniture Collection

American Made Shaker Collection

Each of Robin’s pieces is backed by the craftsman’s lifetime guarantee.  Let us know which ones you like most on our Facebook or in the comments section below.



This is Robin Chase’s Maple Corner Woodworks shop where our Cherry Moon Furniture, Vermont Made Shaker and American Made Shaker collections are made.



One Response to “Vermont Artisan Robin Chase of Maple Corner Woodworks”

  1. Daylia Vaughan says:

    i bought my first pieces about 15 years ago when we living in Boston and am still enjoying it.

    You used to recommend a teak oil that was very nice but no longer available. I’ve been using Formby’s Lemon oil but I’m not really happy with. What do you suggest?

    Thanks and glad to know Maple Corners is doing well.