I was just reading my monthly newsletter from the Vermont Woodlands Association and had to share a story with you.  The VWA, by the way is made up of the finest people on earth as you will clearly see at the end of this post. Their mission is to:

"advocate for the management, sustainability, perpetuation, and
enjoyment of forests through the practice of excellent forestry that
employs highly integrated management practices that protect and
enhance both the tangible and intangible values of forests – including
clean air and water, forest products, wildlife habitat, biodiversity,
recreation, scenic beauty, and other resources – for this and future

There are lots of fascinating articles in the newsletter but this is the one I knew you would want to hear about:

Put Blodgett wrote a column about bears.  He and his friend Ben Kilham, a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in bears were working with some orphaned cubs who hadn't had the benefit of being taught what to eat by their mother.  Since cubs recognize suitable food by smell, Ben often chews up natural bear foods and then breathes into the nostrils of the cubs to train them on what plants and animals to eat.  All fine if it's rasberries, but the cubs have to learn to eat worms and grubs too!  THAT is dedication.

Thought you would want to know this in case you're ever thinking about becoming a bear rehabilitator 🙂

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