Mono Titi
As wood furniture makers, we know that in order to keep our craft alive, we've got to be active participants in sustainable forestry.   We support non-profit groups like The Vermont Center for EcoStudios that work in conserving Vermont's forests and wildlife.   We're also concerned with rainforest conservation which is a major part of our mission at Vermont Woods Studios

Soon we'll be working with the Eco Preservation Society, a non-profit dedicated to wildlife conservation and reforestation in Costa Rica and elsewhere around the globe. 

We're excited about this partnership and will write more in the following days.   Eco Preservation Society shares our passion for conservation, education and reforestation.  We admire the work they're doing and are looking forward to visiting and volunteering at one of their research and reforestation projects in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. 

These are Costa Rican squirrel monkeys or mono titi.  They are highly endangered due to habitat destruction and the Eco Preservation Society is trying to save the species.  We'll be volunteering on the project and will write about it when we're down there.  Stay tuned!

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