Widget-charitable At Vermont Woods Studios Furniture we get a lot of requests to support good causes.  We've listed many of the causes we support on the webpage that describes our environmental mission.  Our giving is aligned with our wood furniture business and is focused on sustainable forestry, especially rainforest conservation.

If you represent a non-profit environmental organization, I have to recommend a great tool… the fundraising widget.  We use one provided by The Nature Conservancy for their Plant A Billion Trees campaign. 


Why do I love it so much?

  • It's easy to install on our website
  • It enables our customers and our company to donate quickly and easily
  • It's a clear visual indicator (thermometer) of how much we've given compared to our goal
  • It's auditable

Charitable Fundraisers:  If you come to us with a fundraising request that fits our mission and a widget that's easy to use, we're very likely to put it up on our site and start raising money for you.


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