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We Need Help In The Office (aka Job Posting For Sales and Customer Service Assistant)

June 2nd, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Sales are going up and we're hiring at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture!


This job opening is for a Sales and Customer Service Assistant.  Know anyone who is smart, fun to work with, loves to learn new things and experienced in online shopping?  Well, send them our way.

The particulars for the job are posted here.  The person will start out working with Rebecca, learning all about our company and products, helping customers over the phone and arranging shipping of our furniture.  Once the basic needs are covered, we try to shape the job around the person's strengths, interests and plans for future professional development so there is much flexibility in pursuing your passion.

Anyone interested in joining us… review the job posting and send me an email at  We plan to review resumes and references over the next couple weeks and will hopefully be selecting a candidate around the end of June.


Vermont Furniture: A New Showroom and Office

February 13th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Bedroom-furniture We've been busy lately at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture– finally moving into our new showroom in Vernon, Vermont.  Yeah!!!  It's taken over a year to recover from the fire last Christmas Eve that took our wonderful friend Annette's home and farm– and along with it– our showroom. 

But Douglas and Rebecca have been working the last few weekends– moving all or our electronics and office systems to our new space.  Ken and the boys helped move new desks and bookshelves in.  This week we hope to wrap up much of the process by moving our first shipment of furniture.

The new office and showroom is located next to the Post Office in Vernon, Vermont at 2531 Fort Bridgman Rd Vernon, VT.  Drop by and see us!



Remembering Blanche

June 24th, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Certain people have no need for a last name: Elvis, Cher, Oprah.  I have to put Blanche in that same category.  She was a familiar face all around Vernon.  She worked at the Schoolhouse Grocery, our general store (our only store actually) so if you needed gas or milk or a movie rental, chances are you were going to get it from Blanche.  She was a beloved figure and always up for a laugh or a good story.  Blanche passed away last year and we wanted to remember her everytime we went to the Schoolhouse.  Douglas, Brian and Manjula planted a lilac tree in her honor in front of the General Store.  We send our best wishes to Blanche's daughter LeeAnn and her family.  Blanche was truly a one of kind and we miss her.


Copper’s Angel

March 28th, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Coppers Angel

You remember that our office resides on Annette's organic horse farm in Southern Vermont, right?  Or it used to anyway.  We were evicted by a Christmas Eve fire over a year ago.  But this Spring is bringing us many joys to celebrate.  One is that we'll be able to move back into our offices soon.

Another is that we have a new baby in the barn next to us!  He was born 3 days ago and his name is Copper's Angel.  Copper is proudly looking after him here, as is her obstetrician, Annette.

Look how big he is!  Annette estimates he was around 140 pounds at birth.  The photo was taken about 2 hours after birth.

Today he was outside in the pasture with his mother, galavanting around, jumping up on all fours and bucking like a bronco.  It's hilarious to watch him– a glorious sign of Spring after a long, cold winter.