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Assistant Webmaster Job Opening

March 27th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Webmaster Job Opening | Vermont Woods Studios

This group of crazy (and fabulous) people wants you to come work with us at Vermont Woods Studios as Assistant Webmaster.


In a past life when I worked for GE, training US Navy personnel, we used to joke about what recruiters had told the guys to get them to sign up for service:  “You too can work weekends, nights and holidays…”

Why am I remembering those words today as we’re recruiting for a new Assistant Webmaster position at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture?  It’s a fun job (well I think so anyway) but it’s definitely a tough job. OK, for anyone thinking they might be interested: Full Disclosure.  Here is the down side (a partial list follows):

  • On the surface it’s a 40 hour/week job but you will be thinking about this job after you leave the office.  In the car, at the gym, in the grocery store.  We’re a small group trying to do the impossible, against all odds (think about it– selling fine furniture online?) so we’re always searching for new and better ideas. Unfortunately, it’s contagious.
  • As the newest person in the group, you’ll be stuck doing a lot of things no one else wants to do.  Adding new products to the website, photo shopping images, diagnosing and fixing website glitches and such.
  • The pay is lousy and we’re only just now getting to the point where we’re improving our benefits package to include health insurance and more paid time off.
  • We’re always doing some crazy project, like building bird houses or sponsoring a Made in America Christmas Shopping challenge and you have to be in photos of the event that go up on our blog and could possibly turn up elsewhere — who knows?
  • As I said, this is only a partial list

But then again on the plus side, you’ll be working with some pretty interesting and clever characters who are on a mission to change the world (as much as we can, anyway).  We’re partnering with some of Vermont’s best furniture makers to bring their high quality, sustainable wooden furniture to families all across America through the power of the Internet.  And through this sustainable furniture we’re raising awareness about where your furniture comes from.

We do have a few other advantages besides working with fabulous people towards an environmental mission.  Soon we’ll be moving our offices to a newly renovated 200 year old historic farm house on the grounds of a former Vermont ski area called Stonehurst.  Ski break during lunch, anyone?  Plus we’re looking forward to a year of exciting change and continued growth ahead, which will benefit our staff in many ways (we’ve been roughly doubling our size for the past 4 years).  Regarding specifics to this job, the best advantage there– is that you’ll get to work for Neville Kerr who is the smartest website guy I know.  Getting trained by Neville is a huge benefit.  The two of you will be leading our company into adventurous new territory.

If you haven’t navigated back to or Craigslist for continued job searching yet, have a look at the posting for this Assistant Webmaster job.  Check out the rest of our blog and Facebook for more insight into this small, but growing company.


Web Developer – Webmaster Wanted

November 28th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Web Developer Webmaster Job

Web Developer – Webmaster Job:  we’re looking for someone who loves working with shopping carts, content management systems and all those acronyms everyone else knows nothing about: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySql.  Loving the outdoors and being fun (or at least easy) to work with are definitely a bonus!

Our web developer, webmaster, problem solver, debugger and Go To Girl for all things technical is leaving us.  We are sad to see Manjula go but happy to wish her well as she heads on to bigger and better things.  Under Manjula’s steady hand, we’ve gone from a teeny tiny online furniture company offering a few hundred specialty products 3 years ago, to a (still relatively tiny but rapidly growing!) web-based furniture store selling thousands of customizable Vermont made furniture pieces to customers in every state across America.  Thank you Manjula!

Now it’s time for another superstar to carry the Vermont Woods Studios ball and if you landed on this page, maybe it’s you?  Check out our web developer – webmaster job posting to see the details.  Naturally we’re looking for someone who loves working with shopping carts, content management systems and all those acronyms everyone else knows nothing about: PHP, HTML, CSS, CMS, MySql.  But equally important we’re seeking someone who’s passionate about the environment, shares our green mission and is fun (or at least easy) to work with.

We are flexible about logistics and scheduling for this position and will consider part-time, full-time, consulting arrangements and a combination of these.  Initially we will need someone to work with us in our Vernon office to learn about our business and our highly customized CMS and become integrated into our team.  Once the basics are out of the way, we can consider alternative arrangements.

Think the job might be a match for you?  Check out our fine furniture website and learn more about your future co-workers, then email your resume, salary requirements, availability and 3 personal or professional references to  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Vermont Furniture Store - Green Team Wants YOU!

This goofy Vermont Woods Studios Green Team wants YOU!  Check us out and learn more about the web developer – webmaster position we’re currently recruiting for.