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Vermont Woodworking Featured in Southern Vermont Arts Magazine

December 12th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Vermont Arts Magazine Features Woodworkers, Winter 2013We’re sending thanks out to journalist Steve Noble and publisher, Lynn Barrett of Southern Vermont Arts Magazine for their insightful articles about three Vermont woodworking businesses.  Vermont Woods Studios was featured along with Charles Shackleton of Shackleton Thomas and Gail Grycel of Twin Birch Woodworking.

Steve’s article, “Three Vermonters and Their Love of Wood” explores how many of us in Vermont’s artisan community share a vision of using the timeless power of wood and woodworking to change the world:

  • Gail, a professionally trained musician who learned woodworking and built her own house, is now teaching the craft to other women.
  • Charlie, a master craftsman (who traveled to Vermont from Dublin Ireland with his friend famed glass blower, Simon Pearce) uses his world-class fine furniture (and wife Miranda’s pottery) to share his passion for authenticity, sustainability and social responsibility.
  • And Vermont Woods Studios, where we reach out across America through our website to bring furniture buyers into Vermont so they can experience the timeless quality and beauty of handmade wood furniture.

We appreciate Lynn’s support for our craft and her help in raising awareness about value of Vermont’s fine wood furniture business.  Keep up with the latest news about the Arts in Southern Vermont and these 3 woodworking businesses:




Vermont Artisans Designs: Brattleboro’s Fine Arts Gallery

February 17th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Vermont Artisans Designs | Brattleboro's Fine Arts Gallery

Looking for an escape from the elements this weekend?  Head over to downtown Brattleboro and check out the beautiful artwork at Vermont Artisans Designs, Brattleboro’s Fine Arts Gallery.

If you’re in Brattleboro this weekend for the Harris Hill Ski Jumping events and you need an escape from the cold, why not head downtown and wander around Main Street?  You’ll find lots of little independent shops and art galleries to duck into– my favorite being Vermont Artisans Designs at 106 Main.

Owners Suzy and Greg Worden always have an eclectic mix of handcrafted artwork by some of the most talented artisans in Vermont and New England.  You’ll find paintings, sculpture, pottery, hand-painted silk, carefully turned salad bowls; exquisitely finished furniture, lamps and other wonderful items crafted by well-established and emerging artisans.

This month, Vermont Artisan Designs Gallery is featuring the portraits of Juan Jr. Ramirez, and paintings by a variety of artists including Deborah Lazar, Carol Gobin, Paul Stone, Jeanette Staley, Jim Murphy and Dane Tilghman.

If this weekend doesn’t give you enough time to take in all the art Vermont Artisans has to offer, come back for Brattleboro’s monthly Gallery Walk.  It’s held on the first Friday of each month.   You’ll see why Brattleboro was named the No. 11 Best Small Town in America by Smithsonian Magazine and has consistently been in the Top 25 Best Arts Towns with populations of 100,000 or fewer.

Enjoy your weekend in Brattleboro– inside and out!