Furniture-vt-charity Last Saturday we ran a promotion at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture to raise money for local Vermonters who lost their homes and businesses in the floods that resulted from Hurricane Irene.  We promised to donate 100% of our profits to the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund that the United Way set up for our area. 

Happily we had a couple nice sales Saturday and I can report that we raised $306 for the Fund.  That amount was matched 50% by local employer Entergy.  I guess it's a small amount when you're looking at a disaster of such enormous proportions but the truth is most businesses in Vermont are small, just like us.  But we're banding together and it's amazing to see the recovery take shape as a result. 

Manjula and Dennis are cooking up additional fundraisers and planning to run them about once per month throughout the next year.  Stay tuned for updates.  That's Manjula delivering our donation to Carmen Darby, the Windham County United Way Director.  Thanks to both of you for all the good work you do for our community.

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