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The 3 Best Features Of Faux Wood All Weather Outdoor Furniture

April 5th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh




Many times customers who come to us looking for real wood (usually teak or mahogany) outdoor furniture opt instead for our "faux wood" Polywood all-weather furniture


Why?  Well although we love the warmth and integrity of real wood, it's is increasingly being seen as inappropriate for outdoor, all weather furniture.  The main issue from an environmental standpoint is durability and longevity.  Eco conscious customers are looking for furniture (both indoor and outdoor) that's built to last a lifetime… stuff that's not going to end up in a landfill.  So for all you wood lovers (myself included), here are the:


Three Best Features Of Faux Wood All Weather Outdoor Furniture

  1. Faux wood, Polywood furniture doesn't rot, mold, mildew, crack, flake or warp like real wood outdoor furniture does
  2. Faux wood, Polywood furniture is maintenance free. No more scaping, sanding or painting.  It's made to rest and relax in, rather than create work at the end of the season
  3. Faux wood, Polywood eliminates the need for winter storage.  You can leave your polywood furniture outside all winter.  So you save storage space, you save wear and tear on your back (remember wood and polywood furniture are heavy).  And you save the time it takes to haul that heavy furniture around every Spring and Fall

Now I know how hard it can be for wood lovers to come to terms with buying "fake wood".  I never would have considered it myself if I hadn't seen the statistics our environmental conservation partners are citing about the rate we're losing the world's precious rainforests.  But as I started to look into Polywood and try out their "faux wood" furniture I became hooked.  It looks fabulous, it's very comfortable and it's maintenance-free.  It's the clear environmental and design/style choice for all weather outdoor furniture. 

At Vermont Woods Studios, as wood furniture makers, our mission is built upon forest conservation.  We're especially committed to preservation of the rainforests– the places where teak and mahogany outdoor furniture originate.  In concert with rainforest protection groups worlwide, such as Rainforest Relief, we'll continue to work showcasing better alternatives to outdoor furniture made of tropical woods as part of our rainforest conservation efforts. 

Still not convinced?  Here's a few more reasons to buy polywood "faux wood furniture".  Check them out and let us know what you think.


Plastique Outdoor Patio Furniture: Faux Teak That’s Better Than the Real Thing

March 26th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Teak We've been carrying our new line of polywood recycled plastic outdoor patio furniture for a couple months now. We've got a lot of different colors and styles but the one that's charging ahead faster than all the others is Plastique. 

Do you like teak furniture?  I love it.  I think we've been trained by the furniture industry to see teak as the quintessential luxury outdoor furniture choice.  But it's popularity has come at a price:  the destruction of much rainforest land (and indigenous species) all around the tropics.

Our faux teak (aka Plastique) furniture is designed to look just like teak, but it's made from recycled plastic bags.  How cool is that?  A win-win.  Customers are not just helping to save the rainforest, they're taking waste out of the waste stream and keeping it out of our landfills.


But we learned long ago that we have to first get the style, quality and price right before we can talk to customers about the environmental benefits of our furniture.  The quality of our outdoor furniture is commensurate with that of our indoor furniture– about as high as you will find anywhere.

With style, we're starting with this modern look which seems to be very popular.  Do you like it?  Right now only our modern outdoor lines are available in Plastique but I'd like to be able to offer faux teak in all of our outdoor furniture styles soon.

Now price.  It's high, there's no way around that.  It's about the same as real teak furniture.  But Plastique is something you will never have to replace.  We are so certain of this, we give it a lifetime guarantee and I've never seen anyone do that for outdoor furniture, have you?



Faux-teak-sampleIf you're interested in teak furniture, give Rebecca a call and she'll send you a free PlasTeak sample.  You'll be amazed.  I've never seen a faux wood this good.  It really looks and feels like teak. 

But unlike real teak, PlasTeak doesn't rot, chip or degrade from sun, sand, wind, salt spray– or anything else I know of.  It's easy to clean (just use a hose or power washer) and like the plastic bags it comes from, it will take about a million years to degrade.  That's probably going to be long enough for most of us.

If you have PlasTeak furniture, please comment and let us know how you like it.  Thanks!