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What Kind of Loser Rips Off a Vermont Farmer’s Entire Season’s Harvest of Maple Syrup?

March 21st, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh



What do you think the thief's punishment should be? Death or life in prison?

I'm sorry but I just had to drop everything and go on a rant after I saw this video clip about some loser who stole a Vermont farmer's entire harvest of maple syrup yesterday. What kind of pond scum does this? 

Please help police find the perpetrator by sharing the story on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and bulletin boards.  The robbery took place in Enosburgh Vermont, very close to the Canadian border so presumably the thieves are heading into Quebec to make their sale.  Let's see if we can get this story into the hands of police in Quebec towns like Granby, Brom Lake, Saint Cesaire and Cowansville.

This farmer and his family have been working around the clock for the last couple months, installing some 13,000 taps, collecting over 6000 gallons of sap and boiling it down into maple syrup.  Sugaring is hard work.  In Vermont, we don't take this sort of thing lightly.  What do you think should be the guys punishment if and when he's found?  Death or life in prison?

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