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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Come Celebrate Stonehurst!

October 24th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Stonehurst Ribbon Cutting Ceremony | Vermont Made Furniture | Destination Shopping ExperienceConsider this your official invitation to the Stonehurst Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. 

On Saturday November 9, 2013  we’ll be celebrating the opening of Vermont’s newest fine furniture showroom and art gallery.  We’d love to see you there!  At Vermont Woods Studios, we’ve been working for the last 2 years on acquiring Stonehurst (a 220 year old farmhouse perched on “Pine Top”, a former ski area) and renovating it into a destination shopping experience worthy of showcasing Vermont made furniture.  Now our work is done and we want to share it with you.

Linking Vermont’s Wood Furniture to Sustainable Forestry

Our mission at Stonehurst is to use the beauty of Vermont’s handmade wood furniture to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable forestry.  The Green Mountain State is a leader in educating the public on how sustainable furniture makes the journey from healthy forests to your living room.  Vermont’s furniture makers partner with local land owners, loggers, sawyers, professional foresters, lumber mills and distributors to create eco friendly, wood furniture that homeowners can feel good about.

Like our state’s annual Vermont Fine Furniture and Woodworking Festival in Woodstock, the Stonehurst fine furniture gallery is designed to help customers experience each link in the “Forest to Furniture” chain.   It’s a place to combine your shopping with a hike through our 110 acres of sustainably managed forest.  Or enjoy a relaxing glass of wine while taking in panoramic views of the Green Mountains.  Your experience here just might make you a lifelong advocate for sustainable forestry.  We hope so.

Vermont’s Working Lands Initiative

Today we send our heartfelt thanks out to Vermont taxpayers and everyone behind the Vermont Working Lands Initiative, as their contribution of a $100,000 competitively awarded grant made it possible for us to complete Stonehurst 2 years ahead of schedule.  Learn more about the VT Working Lands Partnership here.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Details


Date and Time

Saturday, November 9 2013.  Open house from 1pm-5pm.  Ceremony at 2pm.


Stonehurst, Vermont Woods Studios, 538 Huckle Hill Road, Vernon, Vermont  05354.  Here’s a map.

Invited VIPs

Completion of Stonehurst is a significant milestone for both furniture and sustainable forestry industries in Vermont.  This is a chance for us to thank the VIPs who put their trust in us through the VT Working Lands grant program.  We have invited a number of them, including:

  • Governor Peter Shumlin
  • US Senator Patrick Leahy
  • US Senator Bernie Sanders
  • US Representative Peter Welch
  • VT Working Lands Enterprise Boards and Administration
  • VT Commissioner of Forests, Parks & Recreation Mike Snyder
  • VT Secretary of Agriculture, Food, and Markets Chuck Ross
  • Secretary of Commerce Lawrence Miller
  • VT Representative Michael Hebert
  • The Vernon Select Board

Please RSVP

It’s not absolutely necessary but it would help us out if you could RSVP on Facebook.

Parking is Limited

We have limited parking at Stonehurst but the Vernon Recreation Center is just a mile down the street at the intersection of Pond Road and Huckle Hill Road.  If Stonehurst parking is full, we ask attendees to gather at the Rec Center and carpool to Stonehurst.

Also Happening in Southern Vermont…

Need something else to make us worth the trip?  Immediately after our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, the Brattleboro Retreat will be presenting the 2013 Anna Marsh Award to Governor Peter Shumlin at 5:30 pm, a short distance away at The Hermitage in West Dover, Vermont (details online).  Windham County Fans of Gov Shumlin, here’s the photo op you’ve been waiting for!

Top 10 Reasons to Attend our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Admiring Vermont’s Newest Furniture Store

October 10th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

When you think of a furniture store, a certain image might come to mind. You might imagine a busy strip mall full of people rushing in and out to make their purchase and move on with the day, or a giant warehouse showroom full of basic furniture pieces. At Stonehurst, however, what you will see is much different than that. Vermont’s newest furniture store is unique in its ability to capture the spirit of Vermont in its warmth and simplicity– as well as the breathtaking natural area that surrounds it. We invite you to view these photos of Stonehurst and see for yourself some of the small details that make Stonehurst more than your average furniture showroom. (Click on the small photos to start a slideshow!)

Vermont Furniture Store

If you like what you see, we’d love for you to visit us. We’re open 9-5, Monday through Saturday. Stop on by to check out our furniture and see this unique shopping experience for yourself. See you soon!


Another Peek Around The Showroom

October 1st, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

This past weekend, Peggy gave an update on the super jazzy new artwork that is currently showcased at Stonehurst, but I’d like to give everyone some updates about whats going on in and around the showroom as far as decor and landscaping! We all know that a picture speaks a 1000 words, so I won’t waste your time with too much explanation. I hope you enjoy this micro-blog of some of the most recent Stonehurst updates!

So now that you’ve seen a snippet of our showroom, we’d love to invite you to visit us! Stop in and chat with our wonderful staff about any questions you might have about our fine furniture, or just to see the beauty of the wood itself. This calm, peaceful shopping experience is truly one of a kind– so bring a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine (don’t worry, we can totally provide the wine!) and stop by Stonehurst for beautiful, hand crafted furniture… plus, the fabulous work of various Vermont artisans! And yes, we’re dog friendly… no need to leave Sparky at home!

See you soon!



New Stonehurst Section of Our Website Ready

September 30th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Stonehurst Wood Furniture and Fine Art Gallery | Vernon, Vermont

Visit us atStonehurst, our 200 year old farmhouse– turned fine furniture showroom and art gallery in Vernon, VT.

Thanks to Neville, Martin and Kelsey we now have a new Stonehurst section on our website.  It’s the place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Vermont’s newest fine furniture and art gallery.  You’ll get a feel for the types of Vermont made furniture and art we showcase as well as some history regarding the 200 year old farmhouse we’ve restored.

When you visit, you’ll find more than furniture at Stonehurst.  Douglas and his team have gathered all the finest in home decor that Vermont has to offer.  Here you can purchase Vermont made stoneware, wooden kitchen accessories, luxury linens, VT slate cutting boards and coasters, Hubbardton Forge lighting and original artwork.  All in a natural Vermont country setting that’s designed to inspire and give you a respite from the busy world around us.

Here are a few basics from the Stonehurst section of our site:

  • Hours of operation:  Monday to Saturday ~ 9am-5pm
  • Phone number and address
    • (888) 390-5571
    • 538 Huckle Hill Rd
    • Vernon, VT 05354

You’ll also find information on area attractions, shopping, restaurants and activities.  Be sure to bring along a picnic basket and a bottle of wine when you come.  We are situated on over 100 acres of lush green forest so if the weather is nice, you’ll want to sit out back and enjoy the view.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vermont’s newest fine furniture and art gallery!


Gov. Shumlin: Top 10 Reasons to Attend Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

September 22nd, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Stonehurst | Vermont's Newest Fine Furniture Showroom and Art Gallery

Stonehurst, Vermont’s newest fine furniture showroom and art gallery is open and ready for business. All we need now is for Governor Shumlin to come down to Vernon and cut the ribbon on Tuesday October 22 at 3pm.

Dear Governor Shumlin,

We know you’re busy with economic development, health insurance and other important issues. But we’re hoping you can break free and make a quick trip to Vernon on Tuesday October 22 at 3pm for our ribbon cutting ceremony at Stonehurst, Vermont Woods Studios‘ new fine furniture showroom and art gallery.

Now I realize one might ask why such a busy man would carve time out of an already ambitious schedule to visit a small Vermont furniture business? We’ve thought of many reasons, but here are the Top 10. At Stonehurst you can:

  1. Marvel at the world class handwork of dozens of Vermont’s fine furniture makers
  2. Learn how a small Vermont business transitioned from a spare bedroom to a scenic destination shopping experience in the last 3 years
  3. See how Vermonters are marrying the best of old world craftsmanship with cutting edge communications technology to make Vermont the Fine Furniture Capital of America
  4. Visit Pine Top, a former Vermont ski area that not only showcases fine wooden furniture but also provides 100 acres of forested backdrop where customers experience the value of working lands and sustainable forest management
  5. Enjoy original artwork of talented Vermont artists like Susan Osgood, Linda Marcille and Janet Picard
  6. Check up on how we’re investing the $100,000 grant monies we were awarded by the Vermont Working Lands Initiative
  7. Experience the beautiful landscaping artistry of celebrated author/gardener/landscaper Gordon Hayward and Torben Larsen of Putney, VT
  8. See the positive signs of growth in Vernon and connect with a community that’s struggling to plan a new course for the future
  9. Witness the synergy and collaboration among Vermont’s fine furniture professionals that’s bringing our work out of the woods (so to speak) and into the homes of customers in all 50 states and several countries abroad
  10. Visit a local, green renovation project in action where great care was taken to restore a c 1790 farmhouse using Vermont made materials (local maple flooring, Vermont slate hearths, Green Mountain Windows, Vermont castings stoves and more)

If that’s not enough to convince you, how about just sitting down to relax and enjoy the view?  That alone makes Stonehurst worth the trip.

Enjoy the view at Stonehurst, Vermont's newest fine furniture showroom

Sit down, relax and enjoy the view. We’ll provide the wine.



Stonehurst, Showroom Updates!

September 14th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Stonehurst continues to see lots of updates and upgrades! From our beautiful walk way, to our new utility shed, to the updated deck being built outback– the improvements are coming along quickly and creating a truly picturesque place to showcase our Vermont Style Furniture.

Visit Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture Studio Stonehurst

Some updates on two recent renovations. Both are still a work in progress!

Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture Showroom

The deck in progress!

We know that a lot of our friends and customers like to keep up to date with whats happening around Stonehurst, just out of general curiosity or to find out when is the best time to plan for a visit.

And despite all of the updates going on around Stonehurst, we’re happy to have guests! The inside of the showroom looks absolutely beautiful, fully adorned with high-end decor and one of a kind art pieces from local Vermont artisans.

Here, take a peek for yourself!

Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios Showroom

A peek inside part of the showroom!

Stonehurst Vermont Fine Furniture Showroom

Loving the flower arrangement!

Well, there’s a tiny peek at what the showroom looks like. We’ll save the rest for your first visit! :) See you soon!


Nina Markiw and Dennis Getting Snappy at Stonehurst

September 8th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

One of the challenges of running an online fine furniture store is taking enough professional quality photos to be able to accurately portray your quality and craftsmanship on the web.  At Vermont Woods Studios we’ve been collecting photos for many years but everyday there is a need for new ones.

Luckily, Stonehurst (our new fine furniture and art gallery) provides us with an ideal space for taking high quality pictures to post on our website.  Above Dennis and consultant Nina Markiw of White Blossom Art are setting up for silhouette shots– this one is of the handmade Cherry Moon vertical mirror.

Soon they’ll be photographing fine furniture vignettes throughout Stonehurst– both indoors and out.  Stay tuned for inspirations and ideas from these two creative photographers.  Our goal is not just to convey our quality but also to bring the natural beauty and tranquility of Stonehurst into your home.  And maybe even persuade you to make a trip to Vermont to see our handmade fine furniture in person.

Leaf peeping season’s not far away.  Grab a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, maybe some Vermont artisan cheese and you’ll be in the all set club.  Home decor shopping will never be the same after you’ve visited the fine furniture and art gallery at Stonehurst.


Vermont Farmers Markets: Sunflower Season is Here!

September 3rd, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Vermont Farmers Markets

Just a quick plug for our local Vermont Farmers Markets today…

Like sweet corn and tomatoes, sunflower season (in the words of Dorothy) “comes and goes so quickly around here”.  So I thought we might inspire you to run out to your local farm stand or farmers market to grab some while you can.  Annette and I visited the Brattleboro Farmers Market this weekend, where half a dozen vendors had beautiful local flowers for sale.  Don’t they look nice in front of our new indigo door at Stonehurst?

Here’s a link to Vermont Living‘s run down of Southern Vermont farmers markets and their hours of operation.  The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont has a great searchable directory for farmers markets throughout the Green Mountain state.

Now is the heart of harvest season… don’t let it slip away without a trip to see our farmers.  You’ll be glad you did!


Janet Picard: Bringing Abstract Flair to Stonehurst

August 28th, 2013 by Loryn Dion

Vermont Artists Profile

Janet Picard

What do you think of Janet Picard’s oil paintings? 

Welcoming Janet Picard to the Walls of Stonehurst!

You may have noticed from our past blogs that a lot is happening here at Stonehurst. New driveways, new furniture, new landscapes and new… art? One of the areas we have been exploring for our showroom is displaying beautiful, handmade pieces from artists across Southern Vermont. It’s our belief that our customers love the beauty and elegance of our handmade furniture, so showcasing our furniture with paintings and sculptures that evoke the same feelings just makes sense.

One of the artists that I had the chance to meet with this week and who will be showcasing her paintings in the months to come is Janet Picard. I discovered Janet’s work while browsing through a few artist groups located in the Brattleboro area. The pieces above really stuck out to me because it seemed to capture everything I love about Vermont’s forests.

Janet uses bright colors and expressionistic strokes to create unusual yet realistic paintings of landscapes, forests and flowers. Janet’s art is beautiful to look at and is a modern take on a traditional style of painting. Janet describes her paintings as “merging actual places with imagined visions.” After chatting with Janet for a while on Tuesday, Douglas and I agree that Janet will make a fine addition to our showroom and we think our customers will agree.

Janet has a showroom of her own at her studio in West Brattleboro right behind the Chelsea Royal Diner. Speaking of which, when she’s not spreading oil on canvas you can find her making ice cream for Chelsea Royal, which she and her partner own. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth stopping. Their menu features ingredients grown right on their own farm! They have free-range chickens, grass-fed beef and some very well fed pigs. What better way to absorb Vermont culture than to enjoy a plate of locally-produced cuisine and then take-in some gorgeous, Vermont inspired art.

We’re so excited to have Janet’s work gracing the walls of Stonehurst! She’s just one of a few artists that you’ll be able to see on display when you come to visit our fine furniture showroom. Stop by and check it out or be on the look-out for the arts section of our website, coming soon!

Janet Picard - Walls

I’m thinking we’ll put Janet’s pieces up right here! What do you think? 

Hardscaping Stonehurst with Torben Larsen

August 27th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Torben Larsen | Hardscaping | Southern Vermont

One of the many beautiful stone walls at Guilford Sound, in neighboring Guilford, VT.   Torben Larsen, of Windham Growers has been doing amazing stone work there for the past 7 years.  We are fortunate to be able to capture some of his talents at Stonehurst this month where he’ll be creating stone pathways and landscaping.

Earlier this month I posted about Gordon Hayward, the landscape architect who is helping us bring our vision for the “Stonehurst Experience” into reality.  We want Stonehurst to be a peaceful refuge where customers seeking natural, eco-friendly wood furniture can come and relax in the foothills of Vermont’s Green Mountain Forest.

Beautiful, handmade furniture is just one part of the Stonehurst experience.  The other part is immersion in the lush green forest where wood furniture originates.  In order to provide access to the forest, we’ve turned to Torben Larsen of Windham Growers.  Torben is Southern Vermont’s go-to guy for top quality stonework and  landscaping.

Guilford Sound | Stonework, Landscaping and Hardscaping by Torben Larsen

Sights and sounds from the recording studio campus at Guilford Sound.  Clockwise from upper left:  a slate sphere made from recycled roof tiles by Torben Larsen of Windham Growers, the Recording Studio, an outdoor dining area and amphitheater and Torben Larsen and Gorden Hayward discussing landscape and hardscape plans for Vermont Woods Studios.

Since we don’t have photos of stonework at Stonehurst yet, I thought I’d show you some of Torben’s work at Guilford Sound, an amazing, world class recording studio, hidden in Guilford, VT the next town over.  Torben’s wife Cynthia who manages the studio at Guilford Sound was nice enough to show us the inside of the facility.  Gordon and Torben toured us through the gardens, ponds, streams and forest.  What a place!  Check them out on Facebook.