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Brad Pitt: Luxury Furniture Designer?

November 17th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Brad Pitt Luxury Furniture Designer

Brad Pitt Luxury Furniture Designer:  this bed is built with rare tropical rainforest wood and leather from stingray skin.  I’m with Loryn:  “who’s ever heard of sting ray leather?”

Looking for luxury furniture?  Maybe you’re in luck.  Are you a Brad Pitt fan?  I liked the Oceans movies and Seven Years in Tibet.  I’ll admit Brad’s easy on the eyes but a lot of his movies are over the top in action and violence so I don’t watch them.  Thus I really don’t know how good an actor he is.  Mostly what I know of Brad Pitt is from reading the covers of tabloids while waiting in the checkout line at Price Chopper. He seems like a pretty busy guy, doesn’t he?  Glamorous mega movie star, Chanel Ad Guy, Mr Angelina Jolie, world famous director and producer, humanitarian, political and environmental activist.  Not to mention father of 6 children.

Why is Brad Pitt Designing Luxury Furniture?

And now he’s adding furniture designer to his workload.  Go figure.  Is he bored?  Does he need money?  I wonder what is it that would compel him to add another career to his seemingly colossal workload… and by the way he’s adamant that this isn’t just a case of putting his name on someone else’s work.  He says it’s all him.  Whatever.

Anyway, seeing (at least from the headlines) that Brad’s a passionate environmentalist, I assumed he took up luxury furniture design to lead the rich and famous into a greener, more socially responsible direction.  He’s probably using recycled plastic, reclaimed barnwood and natural materials for his eco friendly, minimalist furniture designs, right?

Well, not exactly. Let’s see… he’s got a a bed built with rare tropical rainforest wood and leather from sting ray skin; a white Italian marble bathtub, built for two and shaped like someone’s derriere; a glass top table with a 24-karat gold-plated base and a $45,000 molded white plastic arm chair trimmed with fake fur.

Did you even know there was such a thing as sting ray skin leather?  Who buys this kind of stuff anyway?

Now I don’t want to criticize Brad Pitt.  I realize everyone’s idea of home decor doesn’t include natural, eco-friendly wooden furniture like the stuff Vermont is famous for.  But for someone who professes to be so altruistic, I feel like he might be missing the mark a bit.

What do you think?  Would you want to have any of Brad’s luxury furniture designs in your home?  Here’s what one observer said about his prolific talents:  “Is there anything Brad Pitt can’t do?  Answer: Yes, design furniture.”  Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook.