"Vermont's "bearfoot" Governor Shumlin almost got mauled when chasing mama bears and their cubs away from his birdfeeder. Best not to try this at home.

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OK, you just can't make this stuff up.  Wednesday night our governor, The Honorable Peter Shumiln, while tucked safely in his bed, heard noises in his backyard.  He looked out and saw two mother bears and 2 cubs raiding his birdfeeder.  Now, if there's such thing as a luxury, high end (maybe solid gold?) birdfeeder, this must have been it because the governor rushed outside in his bare feet to rescue it.  He tried to scare the bears away.  Apparently they were not frightened though… or amused.


He later told the local newspaper that "Vermont almost lost it's governor" and that he was within "three feet of getting 'arrrh,'" whatever 'arrh' is.


Now does this sound like a rational thing for a governor to do?  Some fellow Vermonters don't think so and have submitted quite a few cracks about it on our local TV station's website, WCAX:

  • Should have kept this little adventure to yourself, Gov.  Especially the part about not being  exactly dressed for an outdoor tangle with wildlife or in your words: "Real Vermont boys don't wear pajamas"
  • Did this happen on April 1st (April Fools Day)?
  • Was he wearing his superman pajama's while he did it?
  • Who in their right mind chases after a group of bears??? Naked, no less!
  • He isn't exempt from the law just because he is Governor.. take down your bird feeders…. the bears don't care who you are.

So if you're someone who lives in New York, Boston or another metropolitan place and you're coming to visit Vermont, the tip of the day is: "Don't Chase Bears Away From the Birdfeeder."  But then, you already knew that.

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