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Shaker Furniture For Your Contemporary Home

April 26th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Vermont Woods Studios is a progressive company, and we know that when it comes to furniture, there needs to be a balance between tradition and innovation. Some people thought it was a crazy idea to start an online furniture gallery, but we were simply adapting to the buying habits of the 21st century. People like to make purchases from the convenience of their home.

Our Shaker style furniture is a great representation of fusing tradition with modernization. Shaker furniture is the most sought after design in our online gallery, because of the variety of Shaker styles we offer.

Shaker furniture has been around since the late 1700′s. One thing that all of our Shaker furniture collections have in common is that they are simple, functional, and sturdy. Our traditional Shaker style furniture is virtually unchanged from the way it was designed over 300 years ago. The pieces feature straight, clean lines and wooden mushroom-shaped knobs. Our most traditional collection of Shaker style furniture is the Vermont Shaker Furniture Collection. In contrast, the American Shaker Furniture Collection is extremely similar, with the major difference being the contemporary curved aprons. The Modern Shaker Furniture Collection is the most changed from traditional Shaker styles. It is still distinctly a Shaker style, but has a modern twist. The pieces in this collection feature more curved lines and has the option for a round profile.

We have over 200 pieces of Shaker style furniture in our online gallery, and they’re all on sale! Whether you’re just starting your Shaker style decor, or putting the finishing touches on your home, now is the best time to buy. Save up to 20% off our American made Shaker furniture. All of our furniture is sturdily built to last a lifetime, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Start shopping our online gallery today! We have 6 Shaker collections ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. Visit the Shaker section of our website to see all of our available pieces.

Feel free to contact our fine furniture specialists with any questions about our American made wood furniture.


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Best Selling Style: Shaker Furniture

March 8th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Shaker Furniture Best Sellers

For every room in the house, our best selling furniture pieces are shaker style. Top: Vermont Shaker Moon Bed. Bottom: Vermont Made Shaker Custom Dining Table, Vermont Shaker Bookcase, Classic Shaker Writing Desk

What do our best selling pieces have in common? They’re all Shaker style! For every room in the house, our Shaker furniture pieces always come out on top. Our Shaker style furniture ranges from traditional styles featuring elegant straight lines to more modern shaker furniture that incorporate contemporary round lines into the design. Shaker furniture has been made since the 1700′s, and our craftsmen have dedicated themselves to keep the same simplistic, functional, and sturdy design in every piece of Shaker furniture they craft.

Shaker Bedroom Furniture

Our online gallery features almost 100 pieces of Shaker style bedroom pieces. Although it’s a close tie between pieces that are most popular, the Vermont Shaker Moon Bed is our best selling bed. The Vermont Shaker Moon Bed features traditional tapered legs and gorgeous arching curves in the headboard and footboard. Like most pieces of Shaker furniture, this bed is most popular in natural cherry wood.

Shaker Dining Furniture

It’s easy to see why the Vermont Made Shaker Custom Dining Table is most popular among our customers. It is simple in design, sturdily built for years of use, and is built to order so it can perfectly match your kitchen or dining room. Like it says in it’s name, this dining table is customizable. What does that mean? Customize your table size in 12 solid top sizes and 18 extension table sizes. Customize your table top shape to be rectangular, oval or boat shaped. Customize your table in natural cherry, maple or walnut wood.

Shaker Living Room Furniture

Shaker furniture, renowned for it’s sturdy design, is a perfect style for living room furniture. When putting your life collection of books or antique display plates on a bookshelf, it’s important to feel confident that it will remain sturdy. Our Shaker style hardwood bookcases are crafted to last a lifetime (guaranteed). They will remain strong for years to come, so you can feel certain that your precious belongings will be safe. Our most popular bookcase is the Vermont Shaker Bookcase. It is crafted in a small workshop near Vermont’s state capital, Montpelier, using sustainably harvested hardwoods with a non-toxic finish.

Shaker Home Office Furniture

The Classic Shaker Writing Desk is our most popular piece of home office furniture. It is available in three distinct leg styles: flair (shown as the product’s main image), tapered or mission style. You can see these three styles by clicking the gray question mark next to the leg style option. Further customize this piece by choosing from three sizes, and three drawer options. This shaker style desk is a great option for a home office or business.

Good News For You

All of our Shaker style furniture is on sale! You can buy our best selling pieces at a great price. The more you buy, the more you save. Take 10% off one piece, 15% off two pieces, or 20% off three pieces. It’s the perfect excuse to buy a bed and nightstands; dining table and chairs; bookcase and end tables; or a desk with a few file cabinets. All of our furniture is handcrafted in Vermont with natural wood. Receive free shipping and a lifetime guarantee during this sale! Copeland Furniture is an exception to this Shaker furniture sale; however, the Copeland Sarah Shaker Collection is always priced with a low price guarantee.

Start browsing our online gallery today. If you have any questions our fine furniture specialists are available by phone, live chat, or email.


This Is Not Your Great Grandmother’s Shaker Style Furniture

November 15th, 2012 by Kelsey Eaton

Vermont Shaker Style Furniture

Shaker style furniture is the most sought after design in our online gallery. Shaker style furniture has been around since the late 1700′s and has evolved to accommodate today’s contemporary home. Some of today’s Shaker style furniture are adaptations of pieces that did not exist, like TV stands and media consoles.  Many pieces of Shaker style furniture feature the traditional design, but have a slight modern influence, like our Shaker style beds and Shaker tables. The contemporary Vermont craftsmen have embraced the original concept of Shaker style furniture, creating their own versions. Vermont style shaker furniture is widely admired for it’s simplistic, functional, and sturdy design. It’s identified by traditional straight lines, tapered posts and legs, and the familiar round Shaker knob.

Our Shaker furniture is most popular in natural cherry wood. Cherry is one of the most prized hardwoods in New England and in the United States. The rich color of solid cherry wood is the driving factor in people’s admiration, but the strength of the wood makes it perfect for our Vermont shaker style furniture.

We are currently having a Shaker style furniture sale! We offer over 200 pieces of Shaker influenced furniture in our online gallery. You will find a variety of styles in our six Shaker furniture collections, ranging from traditional designs to Shaker style furniture with a contemporary look. We have Shaker furniture pieces for every room in your home. With our Shaker style furniture sale, you can save up to 20% on this popular style of furniture. Save 10% on one piece, 15% on two pieces, or 20% on three or more pieces of Shaker style furniture. Our furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee and free shipping! This sale only lasts for one week (ending Wednesday, November 21), so start shopping today!

Shop for your new furniture securely, easily, and conveniently from our online gallery. Our furniture specialists are also available to assist you through our Live Chat option (located in the top right from our online gallery), or via telephone: 802-275-5174.



Today’s Shaker Furniture on Sale Now: Some History & a Deal!

September 19th, 2012 by Kelsey Eaton


Vermont Woods Studios’ Annual Fall Shaker Sale begins today! Save up to 20% plus free shipping and a lifetime guarantee until October 2nd.

The northeast is the birthplace of Shaker style furniture in the United States. For over two centuries the Shaker style has been admired for it’s simplistic aesthetics and sturdy design. It has become an inspiration to many contemporary furniture designs, and has become our most popular style.

Vermont Woods Studios offers six Shaker furniture
to include over 200 pieces of Shaker influenced furniture, ranging from traditional designs to Shaker style furniture with a modern flair. Our traditional Shaker style furniture can be found in the New England Shaker Furniture, Classic Shaker Furniture, and Renfrew Shaker Furniture collections, while our more modern designs are included in the Modern Shaker Furniture, Vermont Shaker Furniture, and American Shaker Furniture collections. However, all of the furniture features simple, clean lines similar to the original pieces in the late 1700′s.

Our Annual Fall Shaker Sale begins today! Save 10% on one piece, 15% on two pieces, and 20% on three or more pieces (plus free shipping)! Your fine wood furniture will also be backed by a lifetime guarantee! Start shopping today conveniently from our online gallery. This sale ends on Tuesday, October 2nd at midnight.


Summer Shaker Style Furniture Sale

July 6th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh


Of all of our Vermont furniture styles and collections, our Shaker inspired collections and pieces are some of our most popular. So we're working with our craftspeople to offer all Shaker furniture for our current sale– give the people what they want! Starting today and running through July 19th all Shaker furniture is 10% off (plus free shipping)!

You can browse our online gallery where you will find 6 Shaker Style Furniture collections including dozens of finely crafted Shaker inspired pieces for every room in your home. All our Shaker furniture is traditionally handcrafted in Vermont and is available in solid Cherry, Walnut and Maple hardwoods.

Being a network of small workshops, plus with the current demand it can take about 6-10 weeks to have your furniture built. So while we are just rolling into mid-summer you may want to think about ordering furniture now for late summer or early fall delivery.  Even for Thanksgiving dinner!  With handcrafted furniture that's made to order the best advice we can give is plan ahead.

So we welcome you to our online “Finest of Vermont” furniture gallery! Hope you enjoy your visit and please get in touch with us if there is anything we can assist you with. Thanks for visiting us today!

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