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Outdoor Rocking Chairs: Best Seller In Spite of the Rain

June 15th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Outdoor Rocking Chairs | All Weather Porch and Patio Furniture

The view from our porch at Stonehurst hardly looks like this one, but ever-optimistic customers are still stocking up on outdoor rocking chairs, in spite of the rainy start to summer.

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that we’ve been suffering from one deluge after another this “summer”.   The view from our porch hardly looks like the one our polywood rockers are looking at above.  No… our view is all mud puddles and raindrops.  But our ever optimistic sales and customer service staff isn’t letting that get them down.

I guess our customers aren’t giving up on having a summer either because these Polywood Presidential Outdoor Rockers were our best sellers last week.

Kelsey took this picture of our Sales and Customer Service staff the other day.  From left: Michelle, Liz, Douglas, Sean, and Loryn.  They are trying to charm the sun into coming out from behind the clouds.

A couple years ago, in response to customer requests for outdoor furniture, we selected Polywood as the best all weather furniture to meet their needs. Customers wanted sturdy, maintenance free, all weather porch, patio, pool and beach furniture.  And we wanted a product we could guarantee for a lifetime, just like we guarantee our wood furniture.

Polywood came out on top of a number of outdoor furniture lines we evaluated.  It’s heavy construction is sturdy and durable– it won’t blow off the beach, deck, patio or into the pool.  Polywood withstands extreme heat, freezing cold, salty air, and corrosive chemicals so you can leave it outside all year and never have to worry about where to store it.  There’s no more mold, mildew, weathering, cracking or warping with Polywood and no painting, staining, waterproofing, stripping or resurfacing.

In addition to all that, Polywood is a great value– it’s a product you will never have to replace.  And best of all, for our  eco-friendly furniture lovers– Polywood is made of recycled plastic milk jugs.

There’s only one downside of Polywood– it can’t seem to stop the rain.


Polywood Rockers: Jefferson is Best Seller This Week

May 8th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Polywood Rocking Chairs | Jefferson Rocker is This Week Best Seller

These Polywood Rockers were our best sellers last week.  Shown here in white frames with Cahaba black woven wicker seats, these comfy, high end Jefferson rockers are available in 6 different recycled plastic frame colors and 4 different wicker colors.

Isn’t Springtime great for relaxing in your rocking chair on the front porch?  You can grab a drink and a friend and watch the world go by.  I know Douglas is chomping at the bit to do this at Stonehurst as he’s got 6 of Polywood Jefferson Rockers all assembled and ready to put on the porch.  We’re hoping we’ll all be able to sit out there by the end of the month or so, as renovations are scheduled to wind down by then.

Since Polywood Rockers were our best sellers last week, we must not be the only ones longing to get outside and enjoy the Spring air.  If you’re one of those people and need a sturdy, high end, all weather chair you can leave on the porch throughout the year, give the Jefferson Rocker a look.  It can be ordered with or without wicker in your choice of 6 traditional colors: white, black, teak, mahogany, sand and green.

Polywood furniture is eco friendly and made in America from recycled plastic milk jugs.  It’s ultra-durable, weather-resistant and can be left outside all year round.  At Vermont Woods Studios we guarantee our Polywood furniture for a lifetime of use and we offer a low price guarantee as well.

Find more buyer protection policies for Polywood furniture and learn why these Jefferson Rockers were our best sellers, by browsing our website — perhaps from your front porch.  Enjoy the Spring weather while you do.



What Makes Vermont The Fine Furniture Capital of America?

December 11th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh



Over the last 30 years, almost all the big American furniture manufacturers (including La-Z-Boy, Vaughan-Bassett, Broyhill, Drexel Heritage, Henredon, Hickory Chair, Lane, Thomasville, Ethan Allen and so on) have moved their operations overseas to China, Vietnam and other third world countries.  The result has been cheaper prices, lower quality and the emergence of what we call "curbside furniture".


But there are still many companies that make high quality fine furniture right here in the USA and Vermont has more than it's share of them.  That's why we call Vermont the Fine Furniture Capital of America.  Throughout the off-shoring movement, only one Vermont furniture company I know of moved it's operations overseas.  The rest stayed here in Vermont remaining true to their values of quality, integrity, sustainability and community.


We've profiled a number of these great American furniture makers including Vermont companies like Copeland Furniture and Lyndon Furniture as well as many small, custom, fine furniture makers including Steve Holman, Dan Mosheim, Chad Woodruff and Greg Goodman



Today I wanted to highlight the work of Kit Clark, a consumate craftsman who specializes in luxury custom rocking chairs.  "Furniture that fits you" is Kit's mantra and he makes custom rockers much like a  tailor would make a custom suit.  Each rocker is designed specifically to fit its owner.  Kit studies a customer's posture, records their measurements and interviews them to understand any subtleties that could be used to enhance the comfort of their rocker.  Then he goes back to the shop and eventually emerges with masterpiece in hand.  Stop by Kit's shop in Ferrisburgh, VT if you get a chance.  I can't think of a more luxurious Made in America Christmas present than a Kit Clark Rocker.