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Stonehurst, Showroom Updates!

September 14th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Stonehurst continues to see lots of updates and upgrades! From our beautiful walk way, to our new utility shed, to the updated deck being built outback– the improvements are coming along quickly and creating a truly picturesque place to showcase our Vermont Style Furniture.

Visit Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture Studio Stonehurst

Some updates on two recent renovations. Both are still a work in progress!

Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture Showroom

The deck in progress!

We know that a lot of our friends and customers like to keep up to date with whats happening around Stonehurst, just out of general curiosity or to find out when is the best time to plan for a visit.

And despite all of the updates going on around Stonehurst, we’re happy to have guests! The inside of the showroom looks absolutely beautiful, fully adorned with high-end decor and one of a kind art pieces from local Vermont artisans.

Here, take a peek for yourself!

Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios Showroom

A peek inside part of the showroom!

Stonehurst Vermont Fine Furniture Showroom

Loving the flower arrangement!

Well, there’s a tiny peek at what the showroom looks like. We’ll save the rest for your first visit! :) See you soon!


What’s New at Stonehurst

August 24th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Stonehurst has been crazy lately, and in a good way! Settling in here has been great, and quiet for a while… but for the last few days we’ve been nonstop with renovations, visitors, and new fine furniture! Woot! The showroom is starting to fill up and look more like a home, and i’m so excited to watch it progress as we move forward with the landscaping, furniture, and art! So while there isn’t too much more to say, I’m going to post some photos from the last few days so you can get a peek at whats going around the showroom. :)

Vermont Woods Studios natural cherry mirror

A new mirror finds its way into the showroom!

New Hardwood Dining Table

Our favorite movers helped us bring in some beautiful new furniture pieces.

Liz from Sales at Vermont Woods Studios inspects a new table

Liz inspects a new table. Yep, we love picky Liz!

A truckload of Goshen Stone arrives to be used for the walkway.


Workers improve grounds around Stonehurst

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