Vermont Woods Studios Handmade Furniture


You Can Call Her Becster, Beckmeister, Reba…

December 6th, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Furniture-photo-crew When you call Vermont Woods Studios Furniture it's very likely the first person you talk to will be Rebecca.  Sort of a formal name isn't it?  So customers have come up with lots of permutations like Bec, Reba, Becaroni, Beckmeister and now today someone added Becster.  We work hard to reinforce these nicknames in the office (to keep her ego in check– you know), so bring 'em on.  But don't tell Rebecca we told you to.


This is a picture of Rebecca during our last furniture photo shoot.  Bruce is in the front.  Lester and Ryan are in the back.  We call them Chuck and Bore–  nick names are popular around here.