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Are You Smarter Than A Raccoon?

September 9th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Have-a-heart-trapWhat's wrong with this picture?  If you don't live in Vermont or some other rural place, you probably haven't ever had to use a Have-A-Heart trap like this one.  But even so, you're probably noticing that the cage has snapped closed and the bait (yummy, smelly sardines) can is empty.  So where is the jail bird?

I guess we've been outsmarted, huh?  Here's what's going down at Vermont Woods Studios

Dennis saw a young gray fox several times over the last few weeks when he was working at Stonehurst but it started limping.  I noticed the limp had gotten pretty bad and I asked Annette to help me trap the fox so we could bring him to BEEC where Patti Smith, our friend the wildlife rehabilitator could have a look at him. 





We've set the trap every night over the past 3 days.

Interestingly, this character (Rocky) has been showing up.  The trap has been empty (and dragged into a ravine) and the bait has been eaten.  And Rocky acts like he's just won the lottery.

I'm heading over to Stonehurst now to meet Annette and try to plot a new approach to this challenge.  Got any ideas?  Let us know on our Facebook.  Help us be smarter than a raccoon ;(




Sneak Peak at HandCarved Adirondack Carousel

March 6th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh



My mother keeps me up to date on the progress of  The Adirondack Carousel, a project that involves many of our passions at Vermont Woods Studios: woodcarving, nature, wildlife and the human spirit.  It's just across Lake Champlain in Saranac Lake, NY and I'm excited to see how it's going. 

The story behind it is inspiring.  Over 10 years ago, a Saranac Lake wood carver Karen Loffler, "while working on a master’s degree in creative studies, came across an article in a woodcarving magazine that showed a small children’s carousel fitted with woodland animals. The combination of a creative approach to problem solving, her love of woodcarving, and a desire to foster imagination and strengthen her local community, inspired Karen’s dream of building a full-size carousel complete with hand-carved figures of animals indigenous to the Adirondack Mountain area."



Now, after a decade of relentless hard work, supported by a close-knit community of like-minded people Karen's dream of the Adirondack Carousel project is becoming a reality. Woodcarvers from near and far have donated their skills, sponsors have underwritten the cost of production and local builders and volunteers have worked tirelessly to make it all come together.


We're thrilled for Karen and crew and wish them all the best during this exciting grand opening year.  You can have a Sneak Peak this Saturday, March 10 in Saranac Lake. Don't miss it and don't forget the camera!