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Frank Lloyd Wright Homes Are Looking For YOU

March 24th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh



Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses by Alan Hess and photographer Alan Weintraub includes the famed Fallingwater, Robie House and Taliesen West.



I've always loved American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, especially for his mastery of green design. But until recently when we started offering the Copeland collection of Frank Lloyd Wright® Furniture I had little idea of the breadth of his work.  He designed hundreds of landmark buildings and homes during a career that spanned more than 70 years. 

He really is "the greatest American architect of all time."

So it's very sad to see so many of his residential creations on the market at Save Wright.  The homes are concentrated in Illinois and California but also scattered throughout the USA from Pennsylvania to Washington to Montana.  Many are in varying states of disrepair and desperately in need of someone to restore them to their former splendor.

Are you, by chance looking for a world-class landmark to call home?  Well, even if you're not spend some time browsing through Save Wright.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll fall in love with something you can't resist and then become a part of saving America's history.  How cool would that be?






Frank Lloyd Wright: Mid-Century Modern by architectural historian Alan Hess and photographer Alan Weintraub




Luxury Frank Lloyd Wright Collection by Vermont’s Copeland Furniture

November 30th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh


“Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the ‘atmosphere’ of the things they live in or with. They are rooted in them just as a plant is in the soil in which is planted.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

 We are delighted to announce our newest addition to Vermont Woods Studios online Furniture Store and that's Copeland Furniture's ultra-luxury Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection


Showcasing the grandeur of America's best prairie-style architecture, Copeland's Frank Lloyd Wright® Furniture reflects Wright's love of nature and the timeless beauty of his artistry.





Barrel-Chair-Copeland-Frank-Lloyd-WrightEach piece of this high end collection is based on an original that was (and still is) seen in Wright’s Prairie Houses. Copeland starts with Wright’s designs, solid hardwoods, and superior upholstery; then employs traditional craftsmanship and state-of the-art technology to create these authentic, signed and numbered, heirloom- quality pieces for your home.

If you're all about natural, organic purity in your luxury home furniture, you can't help but fall in love with this classic collection.  The pieces have a certain gravitas that's compelling in even the most posh, luxurious setting.  Or as Wright put it,

“It opens, we enter, and an atmosphere of quiet strength and well-ordered repose envelops us, refreshes us, and gives us confidence in the personality of the “owners,” assures us of depth, warmth, and simplicity.”

- Frank Lloyd Wright