Godaddy-no We used to buy our domain names (like from Yesterday we began switching everything over to and will vigorously boycott Godaddy until their CEO resigns.

Can you make any sense of a trophy-hunting CEO who goes over to Africa to shoot big game and films himself slaughtering an elephant– thinking it would be a great publicity stunt to increase business at his company? OK, I'm an animal lover but that's not the only reason I cancelled our accounts with GoDaddy… I'm afraid to do business with a company whose CEO is whacked and delusional.  After receiving "The Scummiest CEO of the Year" award from PETA, Bob Parsons revelled in the attention claiming that GoDaddy will cash in big time, on his gruesome stunt.  What kind of a person acts like this?

Godaddy His antics been covered on all the major news channels and have set the Twittersphere and late night comedy scene afire. Websites like NoDaddy, DumbDaddy and DoneDaddy are getting very popular, exposing a whole litany of horror stories, problems and compaints at GoDaddy.  In the meantime competitors including are cashing in on mass defections from GoDaddy and offering to donate money to Save the Elephants for each domain name that's switched over to them.  I think I feel much safer doing business with a company that's smart enough to see this incident for what it is and agile enough to move in quickly and scoop up thousands of new customers (refugees from GoDaddy) who admire them for shared values.  

OK, that's probably enough ranting for one week.  Back to Vermont made furniture.  What do you think?

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