Patti-smiths-salamandersFourteen years ago Patti Smith convinced me to keep Kendall and Riley (who were 2 and 4 at the time) up past their bedtime and march them outside into the streets of Vernon on a cold and rainy night in the early Spring.  What kind of person would be able to persuade me and hundreds of other mothers and nature lovers to do such a thing? 

Only Patti Smith. And why?  To save salamanders, frogs and toads.  Well you just have to check out her project on Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center's (BEEC) website to understand the animal magnetism that keeps me and other nature lovers padding along Vermont's country roads every Spring on cold, wet nights.

So with such a challenging job that goes unnoticed by many, we are thrilled to see Patti being recognized and nominated by the Central Vermont Public Serivce Corporation for the 2012 CVPS-Zetterstorm Environmental Award.  Way to go Patti!  And congratulations to the other nominees who help protect Vermont's natural resources to make our state the outstanding place it is to live and work in.

Oh… and just to let you know, we have a beautiful collection of natural, eco-friendly, handmade wood furniture we named after Patti Smith several years ago.  In case you're in the market for a new bedroom set 😉


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