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Global Tiger Day

July 29th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Global Tiger Day | Sustainable Forest Products Help Save Tigers

Tigers are running out of space and time with only 7% of their habitat remaining.  Your decisions about buying furniture flooring and even paper, coffee and other forest products can help save them.

July 29th is Global Tiger Day. Did you know there is a direct connection between tiger conservation and the furniture and flooring you buy for your home?  Companies like IKEA, Home Depot and WalMart sell wooden furniture and flooring that are often obtained through illegal logging in protected tiger habitats.  Much of the global timber trade is now managed by organized crime.  Sources, including George Mason University and The Washington Post are reporting that the global timber trade is the new heroin industry for organized crime.  Tiger habitats are being rapidly and systematically destroyed in Russia, China, Malaysia and elsewhere to provide the cheap, imported wooden furniture and flooring that’s sold in America’s big box stores.

As a result, some scientists predict that the last remaining 3200 wild tigers (down from 100,000 just a century ago) will be entirely extinct in 5 years.

Is There Any Way to Save the Tiger?

As an apex predator, the tiger is one of the most important animals in all of human history.  If you love tigers, have a look at the World Wildlife Fund’s initiative to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.  You can support the effort by purchasing sustainable products.  At Vermont Woods Studios, we promote American made furniture as it is almost always made with North American wood, harvested from well managed forests.  We’re using our new Stonehurst fine furniture and art gallery to raise awareness about where your furniture comes from and persuade people to purchase furniture and flooring made from sustainably harvested wood.

For more information on tiger conservation, check out this preview of Siberian Tiger Quest, currently airing on PBS Nature and hop over to Facebook to like WWF’s Tiger page.

Tigers are running out of space and time with only 7% of their habitat remaining but your decisions about buying furniture flooring and even paper, coffee and other forest products can help save them.  It’s not too late!  Please like our Tiger conservation initiative on Facebook and share this post with your friends.  Thanks!



Is Your Wood Furniture Brought to You by Organized Crime?

April 17th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Luxury Furniture | Avoiding Global Rainforest Destruction | Choosing Sustainable American Made Furniture

Organized crime is currently responsible for an unprecedented rate of rainforest destruction.  Unchecked illegal logging is rampant in tropical countries too poor to effectively monitor and enforce conservation regulations.  You can help save the rainforest by avoiding the purchase of imported forest products like wood furniture and flooring.

Forest conservation is at the heart of our mission at Vermont Woods Studios and we’re always trying to raise awareness about where your wood furniture comes from.  If you’re committed to buying American made furniture– no worries.  Chances are it’s made from legal wood, sustainably harvested from well-managed forests right here in North America.

But if you’re buying imported wood furniture (and according to a Washington Post article 70% of furniture sold in America is imported) then: Houston, we have a problem.

A recent Washington Post article by Brad Plumer entitled Organized Crime is Getting Rich Cutting Down the Rainforest describes how the illegal logging trade has become just as lucrative (and far more destructive) than the drug-trafficking industry.  50 to 90 percent of forestry in tropical areas is now controlled by criminal groups!  “A great deal of logging simply takes place illegally — much of it in tropical areas such as the Amazon Basin, Central Africa, and Southeast Asia.” (ref: United Nations and Interpol)

The U.N. estimates that illicit logging is now worth between $30 billion to $100 billion, or up to 30 percent of the global wood trade.  That illegal wood is often shipped from pristine rainforests to China, Vietnam and other third world countries where it’s fabricated into low quality furniture which is sold to US consumers. We’ve written quite a bit about the links between rainforest destruction, global warming and the furniture and flooring you choose for your home:

If you’re considering buying furniture at IKEA, Home Depot or any big box store… ask where the lumber originates and let us know what you find on our Facebook or in the comments section below.  Then re-discover sustainable, American made wood furniture and join us in feeling good about your furniture and your green home.