Coppers Angel

You remember that our office resides on Annette's organic horse farm in Southern Vermont, right?  Or it used to anyway.  We were evicted by a Christmas Eve fire over a year ago.  But this Spring is bringing us many joys to celebrate.  One is that we'll be able to move back into our offices soon.

Another is that we have a new baby in the barn next to us!  He was born 3 days ago and his name is Copper's Angel.  Copper is proudly looking after him here, as is her obstetrician, Annette.

Look how big he is!  Annette estimates he was around 140 pounds at birth.  The photo was taken about 2 hours after birth.

Today he was outside in the pasture with his mother, galavanting around, jumping up on all fours and bucking like a bronco.  It's hilarious to watch him– a glorious sign of Spring after a long, cold winter.

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