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Our “Made in America” Office Christmas Party

December 14th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Christmas-party-vtIt was way back in September that Dennis challenged all of us at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture to help support our economy by promising to buy American Made gifts for Christmas.  A lot of ups and downs have happened since then with our Made in America Holiday Shopping Challenge

But regardless of all that, we had a mission in the office and that was to learn more about American companies and the things they make–and to support them with our Christmas shopping budgets.  And to see if we could start a movement where others would do the same.  Thanks to ABC that has happened.

So our office Christmas party was yesterday and fortunately it was a Yankee Swap (because it's possible that some of us are on the naughty list).  Anyway we all gave gifts that were made in America:

A bottle of Kendall Jackson California wine, a Harley Davidson beer mug, a handcarved wooden letter opener (Ken picked that one out, of course), a Cangles bracelet made out of recycled soda cans, a handmade glass ornament, a paperwhite bulb, Vermont made goat's milk caramels (yum!), a Vermont made silk scarf and a cool necklace that has a hidden pen in it.

If you haven't had your holiday office party yet, it's not too late!  See if your colleagues will go for an American made theme.  Then let us know what you bought either in the comments section below or on our facebook.


Drinking On The Job

October 12th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Manjula-douglasCan you believe this?  I leave the office for a few hours and Douglas and Manjula immediately break out the booze.  Pretty sad state of affairs at Vermont Woods Studios, isn't it?











You'll notice Rebecca and Dennis aren't too impressed.



OK, actually we were celebrating meeting an impossible goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, so we thought we would indulge in a little champagne that day.  And some key lime pie that Dennis's wife, Susan kindly made for us (thank you Susan).











Vermont-furniture-crewWe even pulled Ken away from his post-surgery routine and sat him down to celebrate too.  No arm twisting necessary.


Now it's back to work and I have to say that for the most part, we have fun doing it.  I'm so impressed with our team (Douglas, Manjula, Rebecca, Dennis, Shannon).  They are brilliant and creative and determined — so much so that I feel certain we'll have another reason to be drinking on the job again soon.  Thanks, Everyone!


Oh… I guess I should say that if you look real close, you'll see the second bottle in the photo is sparkling grape juice… just so I don't get any of our teatotalers in trouble :))