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National Wildlife Week Branches Out to Celebrate Trees

March 18th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

National Wildlife Week

National Wildlife Week starts today.  With this year’s theme, “Branching Out for Wildlife”, the National Wildlife Federation is planting tens of thousands of trees in over 200 communities across the country—bringing children and adults together to provide crucial habitat for wildlife. 

Each year during the 3rd week of March our friends at the National Wildlife Federation celebrate wildlife, nature and our need to protect them. This year’s National Wildlife Week, March 18-23, explores the roles of trees for wildlife, people and communities.

As woodworkers, we at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture have a thing about trees and forest conservation.   NWF captures our sentiments: “from the canopy to the roots, trees are critical for thousands of wildlife species—from woodpeckers that drill on the trunks of mature trees, to beavers felling trees to build their homes, and huge moose eating tree leaves and sprouts in the forest.  Not only do trees benefit wildlife at all stages of their lives—by providing shelter, nesting places, food, and hiding places for predators and prey—trees are also the lungs of the Earth, because they renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen for us to breathe.”

NWF is planting tens of thousands of trees this week, in over 200 communities across the country—bringing children and adults together to provide crucial habitat for wildlife.  You can join their celebration by  planting a tree, making a donation or sharing a photo of wildlife in trees (upload your photos to their Facebook timeline).

It’s a little early to be planting trees in Vermont this season, so at Vermont Woods Studios we’ll be participating by donating $1/sale to our Plant a Billion Trees initiative.  Trees are the longest living organisms on our planet and one of the earth’s greatest natural resources.  What are you doing to conserve them?


Winners: National Wildlife Magazine’s 40th Annual Photography Contest

December 21st, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Owls Don't miss a chance to take 5 minutes out of your busy day to sit back, relax and revel in the beauty of nature that still exists (in spite of all the bad news we're hearing).  The National Wildlife Magazine's 2010 Photo Contest Winners Gallery was published last week in an inspiring slide show edited by Thuy Senser.  I promise you'll be glad you took the time to see it.


Vermont Woods Studios Sustainable Furniture thanks the National Wildlife Federation for all the great work they do.  You can donate here to help continue their conservation efforst.