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Mid Century Modern Furniture: Vintage Style for your Home

January 28th, 2014 by Kelsey Eaton


Mid Century Modern Style Furniture

These  furniture designs in Walnut wood are classically Mid Century Modern . The geometric shapes and simplistic styling make them a favorite for the everyday modernist. Featured in this photo is the Estelle Chair with selections from the Catalina Collection.

Mid Century Modern, A Furniture Revolution.

Mid Century Modern Furniture is a furniture style characterized by clean simplicity and the integration of nature into the home. Gaining its popularity in the 1950s, Mid Century style was frequently used in residential/suburban areas with the goal of introducing modernism into the post-war American home.

The mid 20th century (1934-65 approximately) saw an extreme out-pour of creativity in graphic design, architecture, and furniture design– with styles unlike any before it.  In the book “Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s,” author Carla Greenberg officially cemented the term “mid century modern” into the interior design world, referring to the dramatic style of furniture, art, decor, and architecture borne in this period of American history.

World renowned for its innovative design and contribution to the American interior design and architectural world, Mid Century Style is still adored to this day. In the article Midcentury Furniture + Grandkid Nostalgia = Modern Trend,” author Andrea Hsu of NPR notes “Open a design magazine or turn on a home decorating show these days, and it’s clear: Midcentury modern is hot.”

So, if Mid Century Modern style is so hot– what exactly is it that people love?

Mid Century Modern Furniture

This beautiful hardwood Mid-Century Modern Bed is available in our online showroom. With smooth lines, and a simplistic style– The Soho Bed highlights essential elements of Mid-Century Modern Style.

Characteristics of Mid Century Modern Furniture

Lines: Ever watched an episode of Mad Men? Mid Century furniture is a lot like that. Clean, simple lines and smooth edges giving it a dramatically simplistic and sleek look. Before the 1950s, most furniture was intricately decorated with elaborate, complicated lines and adornments. But mid century furniture designers were modernists, they valued simplicity and created their furniture in accordance.

Color: Besides the variety of wood furniture used, other mid Century modern furniture makes use of beautifully vivid colors such as orange, red, yellow, and green paired with neutrals like tan, black or white.

Wood: Popular wood choices were walnut for its extraordinarily modern look, and cherry for its versatility.

Quality: Mid Century modern furniture is known for being expertly crafted by the best furniture designers. While this style of furniture is not as grand or bulky as popular furniture styles before it, it’s lightness in no way takes away from it’s quality or worth.

Many Vermont Woods Studios customers love  Mid Century Style– just this week we received a lovely customer photo from a client in New York who’s furniture exemplified the Mid Century simplicity. If you’re unfamiliar with our designs, feel free to browse dozens of modern furniture designs on our online showroom.


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Holiday Decor for Modern Furniture Lovers

December 17th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Attention modern decor lovers! Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it? In a little more than a week, you’ll be gathered around with your closest friends and family enjoying those timeless Christmas tunes, freshly unwrapped gifts, and eachothers company of course! If you’re doing the hosting this year, is your holiday decor ready?

Holiday decor helps to make the day memorable and keeps your home feeling true to the season. For modern furniture lovers, finding the decorations to suit your style might be a tricky task as much of the Christmas decor available is very traditional. Don’t fret, friends! With this list, you’ll find plenty of decor inspiration to suit your contemporary taste!

1. Get colorful!


Photos by Matt Cant for Rue Magazine (shared from

If you’re tired of the traditional green and red Christmas decoration, or if you are just looking for an alternative to pine needle wreaths, try out this festive idea. Use Christmas ornaments to create a unique wreath arrangement. 

2. Chalkboard Decor.

Chalkboard Decor

Whether you buy a chalkboard, or go pickup some chalkboard paint and craft something yourself– chalkboard “art” is a cute and clever way to post holiday greetings around your home! They are subtle and can easily be changed to flow with the holiday or the season. Depending on the frame, this type of decor is suitable for practically any style home.

3.  Decorative Lighting. 

Amber Lights on Copper Wire

This particular lighting arrangement is made out of decorative string lights. Similar wire- lights can be found at your local hardware store. Find a glass vase or jar that you love, and add eclectic charm to your home. Florescent lighting can ruin the intimate holiday mood, so unique alternative lighting sources like this add warmth and romance to your holiday space.

4. Keep it clean

Modern Christmas Decorations

Clean and clutter free are words that define modern interior decor style, and this photo captures it well. The modest accents such as the red decorative pillows, Christmas themed wall art, and red cart/table highlight Christmas spirit while still keeping the home warm, livable, and modern. Notice the use of the mirror, reflecting the tree lights and adding an illusion of space to the room. Very cool!

5.  Decorative Dishware Decorative Christmas Plates

Dishware is not just for eating off of. Laura Zindel’s beautiful dishware is perfect for a holiday display, as it captures the spirit of the season and the smaller things that make winter what it is. These unique pieces are high-quality works of art that can be cherished for years for both their quality and style. You can find some of Laura Zindels work at our showroom, Stonehurst!

All in all, modern Christmas decorations come in many different forms. From bursts of color to unique displays of light, it is up to you to decide what elements would bring out the personality and style of your home. Hopefully with some of these interior design tips, you’ll have an easy time finding those last minute decor additions to make your home perfect for the holidays.

Feel free to post your Christmas decor photos on our Facebook page, or share your tips in the comments section. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Hardwood Furniture: Top 5 Style Trends in 2013

October 12th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Wood Furniture | Top Style Trends | American Made in Vermont | Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Oak

Some examples of hardwood furniture style trends in 2013:  from left, a Shaker Library Desk handcrafted of solid walnut hardwood, the Contemporary Cable Bedroom Collection crafted with solid cherry hardwood and stainless steel cable accents, the Vermont Shaker Custom Oval Dining Table in black cherry wood and the Cherry Moon Large TV and Media Console in black cherry with walnut accents.

Hardwood furniture is experiencing a renaissance this year. It’s always been a classic, but over the years modern materials (metal, plastics, glass, wicker, rattan, bamboo, concrete) have become popular furniture components.  Looking at today’s online home decor authorities such as Houzz and Apartment Therapy however, it seems real solid hardwood furniture is making a comeback!  Here’s a run-down of the Top 5 Hardwood Furniture Style Trends we’ve seen at Vermont Woods Studios this year:

Mission Furniture

Mission Style Sofa Table | Hardwood Furniture Made in America

This Mission Style Sofa Table that Douglas uses to display hardware is one of our top sellers this year.  Straight, simple lines and solid hardwood construction characterize Mission style furniture.  Similarly styled mission dining room and bedroom furniture, built by the same furniture maker has also experienced renewed popularity.  Instead of the traditional oak wood, many customers are customizing their mission furniture in cherry and even walnut wood.

Shaker Furniture

Shaker Furniture Trends in Home Decor

This Classic Shaker Huntboard is another customer favorite at Stonehurst.  Cherry is the wood of choice for  Shaker style furniture in 2013.


Arts and Crafts and Craftsman Furniture

Arts and Crafts and Craftsman Style Furniture

This Cherry Moon 7 Drawer Dresser shows off it’s Arts and Crafts and Craftsman Style roots in our showroom at Stonehurst.  Made in a small workshop just north of Montpelier, the Cherry Moon collection is so popular this year that the craftsman now has a lead time of 4 months!

Modern Hardwood Furniture

Modern Hardwood Furniture by Copeland

Copeland’s new Kyoto Dining Collection is a modern version of 20th century, mid-century modern MCM design.  It’s minimalist, uncluttered look with clean, straight lines is highly sought after by our interior design friends in Boston and New York.

Looking for more inspiration?  Check out additional hardwood furniture style trends on House Beautiful and Houzz.


5 Simple Interior Design Tips for a Modern Bedroom

September 16th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

The bedroom is said to be the sanctuary of the home; a relaxing, well designed place that reflects the personality of its inhabitants. Designing this space to fit with your contemporary style might seem daunting for those who don’t have a lot of interior design experience, but there are several simple steps you can take to create a truly modern bedroom design in a snap!


The Catalina Platform Bed

This Catalina Bed has beautiful, minimalist characteristics.

Modern Furniture, Astrid Bedroom Set

Astrid,  Modern Bedroom Set in Walnut

1. Furniture: When designing a modern bedroom, it’s important to choose furniture that fits with the style you are trying to achieve. Traditional furniture may throw off the modern aesthetic and create a disorganized look, while geometric furniture with clean lines and curves makes the perfect starting point. Choose simplistic, understated pieces with subtle curves and real wood. Avoid clunky, overbearing furniture! A truly “modern” room will have only the bare essentials when it comes to furniture… a bed, bedside table(s), a dresser, and a wardrobe/chest! Look for multi-functional pieces with hidden storage compartments!

2. Declutter. A modern bedroom is all about clean, literally and figuratively. When it comes to decor and furniture, less is more…think minimalist. Leave your floor space mostly open, this is very important! Decluttering a space involves keeping your color scheme simple as well! Don’t use a lot of mixed or clashing patterns. Go with neutral colors for most of the room, with brighter colors as statement pieces in your bedding or artistic decor.

4. Art & Decor. Not every person who loves modern design will have the same style of decor. However, there are some main themes to keep in mind when choosing decor for the room. Go with bold art pieces like handcrafted metal sculptures or other unique artisan pieces like blown glass and one of a kind paintings, but again, keep it minimalist. Choose statement pieces that bring together the rest of the room. 1-3 pieces of art max! Take a look at the Astrid bedroom set photo, that hanging branch is a perfect example of one unique piece setting the tone for the whole room.

Handblown Glass Vase by Green Mountain Glassworks

Handblown Glass Vase by Green Mountain Glassworks

5. Lighting. Lighting is an essential part of a modern room. It can be used to accentuate various focal parts of the space, from unique angles to your favorite decor pieces. Spotlights and simplistic floor lamps are great too! And when in doubt, use candles. Candles are an easy solution to creating dramatic but natural and chic lighting in the bedroom!

Fuse these 5 tips with your own personal style and flair, and your modern designed bedroom will come to life! Goodluck! :) And as always, we’re open to your own personal suggestions. What other tips or insight would you give to someone trying to create a modern space? Do you have a modern room that you’d like to share with us? Leave feedback in the comment section, or contact us on Facebook!


2013 Interior Design Trends – Furniture

January 8th, 2013 by Loryn Dion

2013 interior design trends


With a new year comes new designs, fashions and ideas. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be cover different trends that we’ve seen coming up for this year. First up for your 2013 Interior Design Trends: furniture!

Futuristic Furniture

In 2013, I think we are going to see many furniture pieces featuring simple lines and functions, much like furniture of the mid 20th century. We’ll have many retro  styles making a comeback, such as metal detailing, splayed leg designs and futuristic, modular furniture. Our Moduluxe, Astrid and Contemporary Cable collections are good starting points for this look.

Unique Artisan Designs

Sometimes the best trend is not following a trend at all. Creative, one-of-a-kind designs will be big this year as people start to “de-commercialize” their lives. Whether you’re going for a modern look or a simple shaker style, artisan work is the way to go. Give us a call to discuss some custom options for your home.

Sustainable Furniture

Whatever look you decide to go for, make it a green one. Sustainability is starting to become a consumer standard in most industries, including food and fiber, and furniture is no different. Choose pieces that are made from sustained, American forests rather than endangered rainforest lumber. Learn more abut our sustainability standard and what we do to protect our rainforests.


Moduluxe Collection? Can You Define That, Please?

December 6th, 2012 by Kelsey Eaton

Copeland Moduluxe Collection

Copeland 29″ Moduluxe Collection shown in natural cherry wood with upholstered headboard.

We recently added a large bedroom collection to our online gallery called the Moduluxe Collection. This collection is made by Copeland Furniture of Bradford, Vermont. The Moduluxe Collection is comprised of almost 40 pieces of bedroom furniture that is highly customizable. The pieces within this collection can be paired together as stand alone pieces, or can be configured as sectional bedroom furniture for a semi-built in look. Every piece of furniture in this collection is available in your choice of natural maple, walnut, or cherry hardwood, and can be customized with 12 stain options.

The Moduluxe Collection is broken down into three series on our website: Copeland 29″ Moduluxe Collection, Copeland 35″ Moduluxe Collection, and Copeland Moduluxe Storage Bed Collection. The reason they are broken down into three different series is because of their configurability. In order to join the pieces together, they must be the same height (either 29″ or 35″), and therefore, in the same series.


Bed with Storage - Moduluxe Collection

Beds are available in 3 headboard options: panel (shown), clapboard, or upholstered. Available as a platform bed or bed with storage (as shown).

Moduluxe Beds

The 29″ and 35″ Series each have 3 modern platform beds. These beds feature a deeply set plinth base for a dramatic floating motif. The beds are available in three headboard types: a panel headboard, a clapboard headboard, and an upholstered headboard (available in leather or microfiber). The height of the headboard depends on the series, it will either be 29″ high or 35″ high.

If you’re looking for a bed with storage, the Moduluxe Storage Bed Collection has storage beds available in 3 different headboards. The headboard choices are the same as the 29″ and 35″ series: panel, clapboard, or upholstered headboards. The storage bed is always 35″ high to accommodate the under bed storage. The storage beds feature 4, eight inch deep, sub-mounted drawers. This provides inconspicuous storage, freeing up extra space in your bedroom. The storage bed is a perfect option for a small bedroom or studio apartment.

Copeland Moduluxe Collection with platform bed & integrated nightstands

35″ platform bed with clapboard headboard shown with integrated nightstands.

Moduluxe Nightstands

There are two types of integrated nightstands that are compatible with the beds in each of the Moduluxe series. Each of the nightstand types are classified as “integrated nightstands” because they must be connected to a bed and cannot stand alone. Nightstands are available with one drawer or with a shelf, and available in two width sizes: 18″w or 24″w.

Moduluxe Case Goods

Within each series, you will find a large variety of wood chests and dressers that will fit any storage needs. A unique thing about the Moduluxe Collection is that it has corner cabinets and chests, which allow you to wrap your furniture around your bedroom, saving space. The corner bedroom pieces are intended to be configured with other dressers and chests within the series for a semi-built in feel. The rest of the chests and dressers can also be configured with other pieces in the collection; however, they also look stylish standing alone.


Brad Pitt: Luxury Furniture Designer?

November 17th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Brad Pitt Luxury Furniture Designer

Brad Pitt Luxury Furniture Designer:  this bed is built with rare tropical rainforest wood and leather from stingray skin.  I’m with Loryn:  “who’s ever heard of sting ray leather?”

Looking for luxury furniture?  Maybe you’re in luck.  Are you a Brad Pitt fan?  I liked the Oceans movies and Seven Years in Tibet.  I’ll admit Brad’s easy on the eyes but a lot of his movies are over the top in action and violence so I don’t watch them.  Thus I really don’t know how good an actor he is.  Mostly what I know of Brad Pitt is from reading the covers of tabloids while waiting in the checkout line at Price Chopper. He seems like a pretty busy guy, doesn’t he?  Glamorous mega movie star, Chanel Ad Guy, Mr Angelina Jolie, world famous director and producer, humanitarian, political and environmental activist.  Not to mention father of 6 children.

Why is Brad Pitt Designing Luxury Furniture?

And now he’s adding furniture designer to his workload.  Go figure.  Is he bored?  Does he need money?  I wonder what is it that would compel him to add another career to his seemingly colossal workload… and by the way he’s adamant that this isn’t just a case of putting his name on someone else’s work.  He says it’s all him.  Whatever.

Anyway, seeing (at least from the headlines) that Brad’s a passionate environmentalist, I assumed he took up luxury furniture design to lead the rich and famous into a greener, more socially responsible direction.  He’s probably using recycled plastic, reclaimed barnwood and natural materials for his eco friendly, minimalist furniture designs, right?

Well, not exactly. Let’s see… he’s got a a bed built with rare tropical rainforest wood and leather from sting ray skin; a white Italian marble bathtub, built for two and shaped like someone’s derriere; a glass top table with a 24-karat gold-plated base and a $45,000 molded white plastic arm chair trimmed with fake fur.

Did you even know there was such a thing as sting ray skin leather?  Who buys this kind of stuff anyway?

Now I don’t want to criticize Brad Pitt.  I realize everyone’s idea of home decor doesn’t include natural, eco-friendly wooden furniture like the stuff Vermont is famous for.  But for someone who professes to be so altruistic, I feel like he might be missing the mark a bit.

What do you think?  Would you want to have any of Brad’s luxury furniture designs in your home?  Here’s what one observer said about his prolific talents:  “Is there anything Brad Pitt can’t do?  Answer: Yes, design furniture.”  Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook.


Best Seller Alert: Metal and Wood Furniture

November 3rd, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Contemporary Cable Bedroom Furniture | Wood and Metal Design

With it’s creative combination of wood and metal, the Contemporary Cable Bedroom Furniture set is a best seller among interior designers looking to furnish renovated industrial spaces that are now upscale apartments and condos.

Metal and Wood Furniture Design

We introduced our eco-friendly Contemporary Cable Collection just a couple weeks ago but this high end, modern metal and wood furniture is already becoming a best seller.  Customers shopping for a unique blend of Vermont style craftsmanship and sophisticated urban design are studying this furniture set.  They like the clean look, the inlaid aluminum accent bars and the braided stainless steel drawer pulls.

Metal and Wood Furniture | Modern Bedroom Set | American Made in Vermont

This handcrafted Contemporary Cable Bedroom Furniture Collection features real solid cherry wood construction, aluminum accent bars inlaid into drawer fronts and braided stainless steel drawer pulls.  The combination of wood and metal is a creative solution for interior designers looking to add warmth to renovated industrial spaces and loft apartments.

Warm Wooden Furniture Meets Renovated Industrial Factory Spaces

One of our designer friends found this solid wood furniture to be the perfect answer for clients who are moving into a renovated factory space in Montreal.  Their luxury apartment has concrete floors and exposed metal duct work suspended from an 18 foot tall ceiling.  The owners wanted high end, natural wood furniture to warm up their space but they also wanted to incorporate some of the post-industrial character of the room.  The combination of solid wood, aluminum inlays and stainless steel cable drawer pulls in the furniture set brings the whole design concept together.

Contemporary Cable Bed | High End Wood and Metal Furniture | Sustainable | Handmade

The combination of solid cherry wood, a natural hand-rubbed oil finish and braided stainless steel lines across the headboard and foot board of the Contemporary Cable Bed pulls together typical wood and metal design elements of renovated industrial factory spaces.

Green Design Considerations

The fact that the Contemporary Cable Collection is built with sustainably harvested wood and finished with a natural hand-rubbed oil was also important to these home owners.  They had made conscious decisions to go green in their selection of a renovated dwelling that was part of a neighborhood revitalization project.  So handmade, natural furniture fits into the green lifestyle they are embracing.

What do you think about this metal and wood furniture?  Would it fit into your bedroom design?


Vermont Woods Studios Furniture Featured in New England Home Magazine

November 8th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

Thanks to editor extraordinaire Erin Marvin, Vermont Woods Studios has once again been featured in New England Home magazine.  Our Modern Equinox Table is showcased as "one of our favorite must-haves for the season" with "curves in all the right places".

We are proud to be recognized in such a prestigious collection of unique and beautiful handcrafted New England furniture.  Thanks, Erin!