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Inquiry of the Week: Copper Tops

April 5th, 2013 by Liz Francese

Buffet and Hutch

Rustic Reclaimed Barnwood Buffet with Copper Top and Hutch

It is our hope when the Googlers of the world click happen upon our site they see more than just photos of fine furniture but all of the possibilities in our product.  Try and take a pair of scissors to a shirt off the rack at the mall and you’ll see the fastest ever Segway dismount by a security guard in known history. At Vermont Woods Studios, come in with your scissors and scrapbooking supplies- we take to herding the flocks of creativity that come our way and we hope it is apparent at first glance.

Jay from Massachusetts picked up the hint we were dropping when he first made contact with us.  His dream piece began with an unusual material- copper.  Unusual, that is, if you were dealing with any other fine wood furniture retailers.  Fortunately for Jay, we knew just the guy to make his dreams come true.

One of our artisans, Mitch, has been hammering the stuff (copper) onto table tops, coffee tables, buffets, you name it, and was even open to slapping some on a  side table.  The specifications were simple: tapered legs, 24″ round and a sage green painted base.


Sidetable with Copper Top

From the first schematic to the end product, Mitch works flawlessly.  You would’ve thought he was meant to be Jay’s fairy godmother the way he turned this little pumpkin of an idea into a side table with the grandeur of a royal chariot.

And Jay isn’t the only one bestowed with Mitch’s high end custom work.  Anne in VT was captivated by his reclaimed barnwood  masterpieces featured on our artisan page and thought ‘media center’.  What a better way to merge the history instilled in the wood with the modernity of contemporary life.

Custom Media Console with Copper Top and Reclaimed Barnwood

With extreme precision, Anne placed her custom order.  Crafting it- no sweat.  So, give us a shot- what custom furniture can you dream up?


TV Stands Fit For A Champion

February 1st, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

solid wood media console

This is the time of year when the big box stores put all of their TVs and media consoles on sale in preparation for the big game: the Super Bowl. Now, I can’t argue that saving a few hundred dollars on a TV isn’t a good deal, because it is. However, buying that particle board TV stand is not a good deal. Because it is cheaply made in a factory, it is not durable enough to hold your beautiful new TV for years to come. In fact, it will probably only last long enough to use for your Super Bowl party. A solid wood media console is a better deal. It is more money upfront, but it will last for a lifetime of Super Bowl games.

All of our media consoles are carefully crafted in Vermont using sustainably harvested hardwoods. Our heirloom quality TV stands and media consoles are available in a variety of styles to perfectly match your home decor. Our minimalistic designs like the Cherry Moon Small TV-Media Console, Modern American TV-Media Stand, and our Modern Shaker Two Drawer Media Console are extremely popular right now. They are small enough to fit in any space, but have enough storage for your DVD player, TiVo, and cable box. Even if you decide to mount your new flatscreen TV on the wall, you will still need a space to hold the accessories.

Don’t worry about assembling a low-quality media console for the game. Use what you have for right now, and know that your dream TV stand is a few clicks away. Order now, sit back and enjoy the game. You won’t receive your new media console in time for the 2013 Super Bowl, because quality craftsmanship takes time. However, you will enjoy your heirloom quality, solid wood media console for a lifetime (guaranteed).

Order during our sale and save up to 20%* off real wood living room and home office furniture. We will ship your order for free, and it will be delivered right to your door; no hassles.

Start browsing our online gallery today. If you need any assistance while shopping, our fine furniture specialists are available through live chat, email, or phone. Visit our contact page for their information.


*Excludes Copeland Furniture