Since we've been offering our new line of recycled plastic outdoor furniture, I've been learning more about plastics pollution and trying to figure out how Vermont Woods Studios Furniture can help reduce it.




I came across a list of Top 10 Ways to Go Plastic Free in– where else– the Plastic Free Times.  Here are 5 of those ideas:

*    BYOBottle- bring a stainless steel water bottle instead of drinking water out of disposable plastic bottles
*   BYOBag- bring your own reusable bag to the grocery store
*   Bring Back the Milkman- glass-bottled milk is now available in most grocery stores, including Trader Joe's
*   Say No to Straws- who really needs one anyway?
*   Use wax paper instead of saran wrap or better yet, use glass food storage containers

Lot's more tips are available in the Plastic Free times.  Check it out.  


I have to note also that for each of our recycled plastic outdoor chairs, an average of 500 milk jugs are taken out of the waste stream!

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