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Earth Day Challenge: Bring Lunch in a Re-usable Container

April 16th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Green-lunch-tipsIf you surveyed your co-workers by going around and seeing how they pack their lunches, what percentage do you think would have re-usable lunch containers?

I did this a few times last week at Vermont Woods Studios and the results varied.  I found that everyone who made lunch at home and brought it in to work, used re-usable containers.  But on average, my co-workers order take-out about 1/week and that gets delivered in styrofoam containers.

So how do you think we're doing?  How do we measure up with your co-workers?  And does it really matter anyway?

I found some interesting food for thought on this topic:  disposable lunches generate 67 pounds of waste per year/per person and that's for school kids (according to  Since adults eat more and work more days, I'd guess you could probably double that for us.

So for Earth Day, how about persuading your co-workers to ditch the disposable, single-serve, gut-wads they're picking up at Seven Eleven and start packing re-usable lunch containers instead?  Here are some ideas on what to pack, how to pack it and why it's good for the planet and your health!

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