Picture 4 I can't believe this.  Amazon.com sells dozens of books about how to avoid and protect yourself from plagiarism, but at the same time they're ripping off content from my Vermont Woods Studios furniture website and claiming it as their own.  Check out this site.  It's an Amazon site selling cheap imported furniture and claiming it's Vermont made. The URL and the title contain the words "Vermont Furniture".  The site automatically and systematically copies content from this blog, my twitter account and from other Vermont furniture makers' websites.

Do you find this surprising?  I've tried contacting Amazon and asking them to take the site down, but they don't acknowledge my emails.  My next correspondance is going to be to the Vermont Attorney General.  I realize it's not Amazon.com per se that's copying my content.  But the site owner is displaying Amazon's logo, linking to an Amazon account and sending the user to Amazon.com.  Amazon has to take some responsibility — and probably shut this guy's account down.

I'm sure they wouldn't just pick on small Vermont furniture makers.  Seems to me like it must be part of a far bigger black hat marketing scheme linked to Amazon.  You may want to check and make sure they haven't hijacked the content on your website.  Let me know what you think.  Have any ideas for how to deal with these parasites?  Please send them my way.  Thanks!


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