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Seeing is BeLeafing: Vermont Foliage Report

October 2nd, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Leaf Peeping | Fall Foliage in Vermont | Seeing is Beleafing!

Check out Vermont Vacation’s clever Seeing is BeLeafing website for the latest in foliage reports and recommended scenic routes throughout the Green Mountain state.

Planning to visit the Green Mountain State this weekend or anytime during this year’s foliage season?  Be sure to check out Vermont Vacation’s clever Seeing is BeLeafing website for the latest in Vermont foliage reports and recommended scenic routes.  Use this cool animated map to see when and where fall foliage is peaking in Vermont (for Stonehurst, which is located in the southeast corner of Vermont in Windham county, the map shows peak foliage will be October 10-24 this year.  You can see from Kelsey’s photos yesterday that it’s pretty gorgeous here now so just imagine the view when the forests really burst out in full fall regalia).

Need a room for the weekend?  It’s not too late.  Here’s a quick way to search for lodging availability either by town or region.  I just saw that 40 Putney Road has some room.  That’s one of our favorite Brattleboro inns, located just a few minutes from downtown (and 15 minutes from Stonehurst).

You’ll find lots of other Vermont vacation ideas for Fall including great deals on mid-week get-aways, apple festivals, corn mazes and more.  Happy leaf peeping!  Stop by and see us at our new Stonehurst fine furniture showroom and art gallery on your way through.  Bring a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine and enjoy the view!


Fall Colors Outside Vermont Woods Studios

September 26th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh



We're celebrating Fall with a Shaker style furniture sale that lasts for a few more days (till next Tuesday, Oct 2). Stop by to shop or just check out the colorful maple trees at the water's edge.

Autumn has arrived in Vernon, Vermont and I had to snap this photo today as I was leaving the showroom at Vermont Woods Studios.  It feels great to see water back in our pond at George's Mill after the summer's drought left it pretty well empty for several weeks.


We're celebrating Fall with a Shaker style furniture sale that lasts for a few more days (till next Tuesday, Oct 2).  Stop by to shop or just check out the colorful maple trees at the water's edge.  Heather or Liz will be more than happy to accompany you for an Autumn leaf-peeping stroll around the pond.



Our Fall Foliage Tour Through Southern Vermont

October 11th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Ken-skylineThis past weekend was the most beautiful Columbus Day I can remember.  After suffering through the wake of Hurricane Irene, Vermonters really deserved a break.  And we got one.  Temperatures were around 80F and the sun shined all weekend.


Ken and I ventured out to leaf peep and give his new hip a whirl.  He's still a bit wobbly, but he generally gets where he wants to go.


This photo was taken at the property we're researching to buy for Vermont Woods Studios.  It's the old Skyline Restaurant on Hogback Mountain in Marlboro VT on Route 9 between Wilmington and Brattleboro.



Ken-marinaAfter a morning of traipsing around Skyline looking at heating, ventillation, air conditioning and plumbing systems we headed into Brattleboro, stopped at Grafton Cheese and landed at The Marina for lunch.  Can't think of a better place to be on a day like that.

More pictures of our leaf peeping adventure on Facebook.



Vermont Tourism – Fall Foliage Spectacular – Leaf Peeper Alert

September 9th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

More Tales Of A Flatlander by Shannon Albritton

Green-mountains-vt I spoke with my Dad in Pennsylvania yesterday to give him my regular update on what’s been happening here in Vermont. My parents have plans to visit us at the end of the month for “Leaf Peeping Season” and Dad is concerned about the roads and the general condition of area. “Will there even be anything to see and do when we get there?”  (Silent pause)… hmmm… “Do you mean other than visiting with your favorite daughter and son-in-law?” Joking! Not really.


Hogback-mountain-view This question, of course, is common among Vermont-loving Americans outside of our state as our trees prime themselves for their Fall Foliage Spectacular. The media has done an excellent job of communicating our devastation and I mean that sincerely.  Yes, many roads and quaint towns have been ‘rearranged’ by Mother Nature? Perhaps she’d become a bit bored with our landscape and wanted to redecorate?  Yet even as I take in the disruption and damage around me I can’t stop thinking about its stunning beauty, rearrangement and all.


You see, I’ve lived in Vermont less than 6 months, which still qualifies me as a tourist and a flatlander. My husband and I are always on the hunt for something interesting to investigate around our new home in Windham County. When our out-of-state friends visit we spring into tour-guide mode. Here in Southern Vermont there are endless options undisturbed by the effects of Irene. Outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking are plentiful. Despite the flooding you’ve seen on the news most everything is still accessible. 


Brattelboro-farmers-market A casual stroll through downtown Brattleboro’s charming shops, galleries and restaurants can pleasantly fill your day. It’s an eclectic and interesting town that some have referred to as the ‘San Francisco of the Northeast’. You may even spot a Brattleboro resident walking his pig on a leash down Main Street! I can’t make these things up.


If you’re lucky to be here for the first Friday of the month don’t miss Gallery Walk, a year-round, festive FIRST FRIDAY stroll, 5:30 to 8:30, in downtown Brattleboro, Vt. and nearby locations.  The Brattleboro Farmers Market is one of the best I’ve ever visited and they have the most delicious prepared foods for breakfast and lunch. Take home some Vermont Maple Syrup, savory cheese and locally grown organic apples, veggies and many other Vermont-made treats.


Brattleboro-pet-pig The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum located atop Hogback Mountain in Marlboro is sure to please nature enthusiasts and the 100-mile view from their location is a show-stopper every time. If you’re an earlier riser there is no better location than this to watch the sunrise over the vast mountain range.


Adjacent to the Visitors Center Grounds and Hogback Mountain Conservation area you can access an entry-level hiking trail leading to the steel fire tower at the summit of Mt. Olga, Molly Start State Park. Those without a fear of heights (not me) can climb to the top for, what I am told, an incredible sight. Using the Molly Stark State Park Trail Guide you can branch off into a trail system with varying difficulty. Campers at Molly Start Campground can connect Hogback Mountain and the museum via this trail system.  Travel just a few miles west toward Wilmington and take 100 north to the Mount Snow base lodge and hop on the Scenic Chairlift Ride. This had been a favorite outing for our guests and I can hardly wait to do ride the lift this fall!


When you’re hungry for a great outdoor meal head straight to Wahoo’s Eatery in Wilmington where you can upgrade your burger, wrap, sandwich or salad with grass-fed beef or free-range organic chicken. Their Bacon Blue grass-fed Burger is the best in the area. Wahoo’s was almost destroyed but with the help of it’s community is back on it’s feet again and donating 50% of ALL sales to directly to helping the hundreds of people displaced by the historic flooding.  Now that’s community!

Vt-travel The Official State of Vermont Tourism Site hosts an extensive amount of well-organized information and writes, “The vast majority of the state is accessible and most lodging and dining properties are fully operational and ready to welcome you”.  Visit their site to learn more about available lodging and activities here in Southern Vermont and points north. All we Vermonters (and Flatlanders) ask is that you have a little patience on our roads, obey the detours and have consideration for our construction, and relief vehicles.  Here’s a bright side to consider; if you have to drive a little slower and if it takes a little longer that’s just more time you’ll have to absorb the scenery of the great state of Vermont in all it’s splendor and beauty!


Oh wait, before you go… Did I mention we’re on tap for the best Fall Foliage Season we’ve had in years. The leaves on the trees have survived and remain strong, in true Vermont fashion, and this year's Fall Foliage Season looks promising. Many thanks to Irene and Mother Nature… Perhaps too much rain does make some things better.