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Vermont Furniture Featured in The Practical Environmentalist

March 2nd, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh


We're sending out thanks to Kent Swanson and Lars Hundley for featuring Vermont Woods Studios Furniture in The Practical Environmentalist under Eco Friendly Furniture Options:

There are few things as satisfying as furnishing a new home, or choosing new furniture to update a home.  The items we choose to make a place feel like a home do so by creating a feeling, and by reflecting our own unique style. Home is sanctuary.  And the furniture options we have to choose from are almost limitless. However, furniture production is resource-intensive and can involve chemicals that are bad for your health.  Seeking out eco-friendly furniture can be a great way to make a difference without any sacrifice of comfort or style.

We've been following Kent and Lars for awhile.  They're experts on eco-friendly cars and green energy but they also take time out now and then to write things like Party Time! Here Are Some Eco Friendly Party Ideas and Eco-Friendly Hotels: What to Look For.  Check them out!