Brattleboro-irene At Vermont Woods Studios Furniture, we been extremely lucky to escape most of the wrath of Hurricane Irene, however just 5 miles up the road in Brattleboro and indeed throughout our state the destruction from flooding is overwhelming.  The storm itself wasn't so bad, but the rain!  Some places received 11" of rain in a day's time!  We've all been instructed to stay home the last few days while emergency crews respond, but today I had to run into town (to get pizzas for Riley's Back to School crowd). 

I was sad to see that the Whetstone river is still raging through downtown Bratt and the Connecticut river is nearly overflowing it's banks.  It's expected to crest tomorrow and that may mean they'll have to close Route 142, the main road into and out of Vernon.

Route 9 is already closed between Brattleboro and Bennington.  Hundreds of other roads throughout Vermont are also closed.  We have lost many of Vermont's historic covered bridges, some over 140 years old.  The main intersection in Wilmington Vermont was a rushing river!  The covered bridge at Simon Pearce in Quechee VT was washed out.  No one has ever seen this kind of devastation here in Vermont.  Irene has taken the lives of 3 people.  The Red Cross has put out an excellent video showing the extent of damage in our area.

A few of our woodworkers have lost power, Internet and phones, as has Shannon our new Sales Associate.  And the roof leaked into our office/showroom a bit but nothing catastrophic.  No injuries, thankfully.   We are hoping we'll be able to recover quickly and avoid delays but I will keep you posted here on the blog.  Of course, you can also give us a call or send an email to check on status.  As of now, there are no delays that I know of and we will contact you if we see any delays with your order.  Thanks for your patience and support!


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