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A New Filly on Malhana Farm

April 1st, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh


Copper's new filly is less than a day old in this picture

Our good friend Annette owns Malhana Farm on Pond Road, just down the street from Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture in Vernon, Vermont. 

When we first started out in business, Annette let us use part of her farmhouse as a showroom and office.  In return we did occasional chores like feeding the chickens or bringing in firewood.  One March morning our salesperson Susan Holmquist got to work around 8am and was pressed into service helping to pull a new colt out of his mother's womb!  I was so jealous that day.

Anyway, March is baby horse month and Annette's (actually Jeff and Andrea's) newest baby just arrived 3 days ago.  Isn't she beautiful?  She's really tall.  It's amazing Copper carried her around so long– a month past her due date.

Everyone in Vernon stops in the middle of the road as they're going by Malhana Farm now.  The whole town ached for Copper as she stood out there in the pasture so stoically, getting bigger and bigger every day.  We're all excited to see her with her beautiful new baby and know they are both doing well.  Horse lovers can find additional photos on Pinterest.