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happy Easter

Happy Easter From Vermont

April 7th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Happy Easter from all of us at Vermont Woods Studios!


I thought I'd share a few scenes from Vermont's pastoral landscape this Spring.  We've got all the signs of Easter: 


Lambs at The Billings Farm








Crocuses at the Vermont Wildflower Farm











One week old baby horses at Malhana Farm.














bunnies, chicks… you name it  (thanks to for this photo)



And of course, many local churches (this one is St Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Brattleboro) where you can participate in the all of the religious traditions and spirituality of Easter. 


Maybe you should jump in the car right now and buzz up to Vermont for Easter?  Our Inn owners have a cozy place for you to take respite.



Happy Easter From Vermont Woods Studios

April 23rd, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh


I was looking for a photo of the Easter Bunny to post today but I came across this series of photos by Tanja Askani that I liked better.  Who knows?  Maybe this is the Easter Bunny warming up for his big night of global travel.

 The pictures are part of a series Tanja did on Animal Friendships





Deer-and-bunny-3 On this Easter Sunday take 3 minutes to watch her  "A Friend Like You" video of all the amazing animal friendships she has captured over the years.  It's really beautifully done and it'll force you to slow down and relax for a bit.

All of us at Vermont Woods Studios hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Easter– and hopefully, for those of us who live in Vermont, one without any more snow.