Check out this 2 minute video about the Daughters of Toleza Scholarship project and see how these African girls and their sponsors are changing the world .

Maybe I'm a little biased but I think that in Vermont you'll find a higher percentage of people who are working to change the world.  It's just a guess… I don't have any reasearch to back it up, but here's an example. 

At Vermont Woods Studios we did a joint project a few years ago, with a group of students from Marlboro College Graduate Center who were studying to get their MBA in Managing for Sustainability.  Many of those professionals are now workng to change the lives of girls in Africa as part of the Daughters of Toleza Scholarship.

I was looking at Marlboro's Facebook to learn what other projects students and alumni are involved in and I was impressed to see dozens of projects ranging from the Raleigh City Farm (a national recipient of Green America's People & Planet awards) to Three Revolutions: Funding Food Through Community.  We salute the students, faculty and staff at Marlboro College for their fine work and dedication to changing the world.  We're proud supporters of the Daughters of Toleza Scholarship.  Check it out through this 2 minute video and see how these African girls and their sponsors are changing the world.

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