Vcrd-vt-rural-landscapeAt Vermont Woods Studios Sustainable Furniture we've been working with the Vermont Working Landscape Partnership to develop an Action Plan to create a rural renaissance in Vermont that focuses economic development efforts on our working landscape. Right now we have a tremendous opportunity to build our working lands economy (farming, forestry, and value-added processing like furniture making) into a cornerstone of job creation and rural revitalization.

Many of the pieces needed for a Renaissance of our farm and forest economies are already in place. More and more people in our regional market are looking for sustainably produced products, such as our Vermont Made Furniture.  But the Vermont Working Landscape Partnership needs our support in bringing some remaining pieces together. 

The Vermont Working Landscape Action Plan defines what those pieces are and how we can pull all of those opportunities, policies, and new plans into one unified, efficient and effective effort.  If you live in Vermont or vacation here, you are a stakeholder in this plan.  We know that without taking action the landscape of Vermont will evolve rapidly and probably not in a way we would want.

Stakeholders, please take a minute to read the plan and offer your support.  Thanks!

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