Have-a-heart-trapWhat's wrong with this picture?  If you don't live in Vermont or some other rural place, you probably haven't ever had to use a Have-A-Heart trap like this one.  But even so, you're probably noticing that the cage has snapped closed and the bait (yummy, smelly sardines) can is empty.  So where is the jail bird?

I guess we've been outsmarted, huh?  Here's what's going down at Vermont Woods Studios

Dennis saw a young gray fox several times over the last few weeks when he was working at Stonehurst but it started limping.  I noticed the limp had gotten pretty bad and I asked Annette to help me trap the fox so we could bring him to BEEC where Patti Smith, our friend the wildlife rehabilitator could have a look at him. 





We've set the trap every night over the past 3 days.

Interestingly, this character (Rocky) has been showing up.  The trap has been empty (and dragged into a ravine) and the bait has been eaten.  And Rocky acts like he's just won the lottery.

I'm heading over to Stonehurst now to meet Annette and try to plot a new approach to this challenge.  Got any ideas?  Let us know on our Facebook.  Help us be smarter than a raccoon ;(



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