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Happy Father’s Day!

June 16th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Happy Father's Day | Last Minute Card Ideas

I settled on this Grillin’ Father’s Day card for Ken but there are lots of other choices to fit your dad.  Hero Dad, Big Daddy Dynamite, Fishin’ Father and more.  Probably sounds like I’m getting paid to promote them but No, I just think any dad would get a good (perhaps much needed) laugh out of them.

Sending our best wishes to all fathers today and hoping you have great fun spending time with your children.

Here’s a last minute gift idea for any “kid” who may have forgotten or even been on the fence about today.  It’s not too late to lighten up your dad’s day and make him laugh.  Surf on over to JibJab and make Dad a personalized Father’s Day card.  It’s easy and fun.  A 1 year subscription to JibJab is $12 but you can use it to create and send an unlimited number of cards to an unlimited number of people for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, hangovers, pug day– you name it.  They have hundreds of cards you can insert Dad’s (Mom’s, friend’s… whoever’s) photo into.  You can upload pictures of your dad’s face from your facebook or from any jpeg photo and insert it into a funny video.

I’m not getting paid to promote them… I just think JibJab is clever software.  And who wouldn’t crack up seeing themselves in a funny video?  Does you Dad need a laugh today?



Happy Father’s Day

June 16th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh



Golf is the plan for this Dad on Father's Day 2012

We're wishing all you fathers out there a very happy and healthy Father's Day!  Here in Vermont the weather is absolutely beautiful so if you're not already at the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival, gather up the golf clubs or fishing poles, grab the kids and go make some memories.  


Oh… and don't forget the camera!




Happy Father's Day from your friends at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture


Happy Father’s Day

June 18th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh




What are you getting Dad for Father's Day?  Kendall and Riley have been raking their brains trying to think of something other than the usual wallet or tie we get Ken every year. 


Used to be we could get him some fishing gear too, but that's out now– with the limited mobility issue.


I've been thinking about a gift certificate to the Vermont Woodworking School in Cambridge VT.   This is a very cool school and they offer all different types of courses and workshops– from beginner to advanced.


They even offer an immersion program where you can live at the Farm House or in a silo housing unit (see photo) while you learn the finer points of woodworking.  Students take field trips to meet some of the world's best artisan furniture makers and see their studios. 





Vt-woodworking-school What a gift for Dad, right?  Getting him out of the house to do guy things on his own?  And I think they may even take a field trip to near-by micro-breweries.  What could be more better than wood and hops?  And honestly, Dad's not likely to get into much trouble in rural Vermont.