By Dennis Shanoff

You just can’t beat the taste and quality of fresh produce, right? And there is no fresher produce than that just picked! Those fortunate enough to live near farmlands know that the best produce is found at farm stands and farmers' markets.

So with this being the time of year where the widest produce choices are ripe for picking, it makes sense to spotlight our hardworking farmers large and small with a National Farmers' Market Week.

Reports indicate a rapidly growing interest in fresh as can be products so going to the source is as good as it gets. And farmers' markets are playing a key role in bringing the farmer and consumer together.

Even cities have created market space for weekly markets. Farmers are willing to load up their trucks and head to urban areas to bring fresh goods to those outside agricultural areas.

Wondering where your nearest market might be? Well, the USDA has a great web based market locater to help put freshness on your table! We hope there's a bountiful market near you that you get to explore soon. Many of us at Vermont Woods Studios will be heading to our favorites this weekend.

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