Tiger-conservationTigers are my favorite animals.  We've done a few promotions trying to raise awareness about the fact that they are critically endangered due to habitat loss.  Tiger conservation is linked to the wood furniture industry: much of the wood that is being used in imported furniture is clear cut from the rapidly disappearing habitats of Siberian, Bengal and other species of tiger.

Anyway I was really upset to see the massacre of tigers, lions, bears, monkeys and other exotic animals in Zanesville OH yesterday.   ABC News featured a story about the importance of states passing laws prohibiting the purchase and sale of exotic animals, citing Born Free USA as a good place to learn more about the issue and take action.

Here's another way you can help protect exotic wildlife, right now and it only takes one minute and doesn't cost a penny.  Go to Big Cat Rescue and click over to the US Government comment form regarding pending legislation from the US Fish and Wildlife Service about illegal trade in tiger parts.  Enter your contact information on the form, then copy this phrase into the comment form:  End the Trade in Generic Tigers!  Please Rescind the Generic Tiger Exemption.  So often we see these tragic stories in the news but we feel helpless to do anything about it.  Here's a way you can make a difference.


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