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Inquiry of the Week | TV Media Unit

January 23rd, 2013 by Liz Francese

Catalina Walnut TV & Media Wall Unit

Pieces like Copeland’s Catalina Walnut TV & Media Wall Unit make me think two things: how cool and when would anyone ever need that.  Well the point is, you don’t need a TV Media Unit. Heck, you don’t even need a TV- any one can just grab a pencil and paper and scrawl away listening to the nearest radio frequency for entertainment.  But even coming from a girl who enjoys spinning a vinyl on a Sunday morning- I want that TV and I want it on that entertainment unit.

Apparently another woman had the same thought this week- which is what brought my attention here in the first place.  She loved the piece but… well there were a few changes she wanted to see.

Truth is, at Vermont Woods Studios what you see is not all you can get.  With a  combination of her vision, my knowledge of the Vermont Woods Studios inventory (not to mention, incredible talent with a Sharpie) and the expertise of our craftsman- Viola!  Mary Shelley herself couldn’t have concocted a better recipe.
Maybe it is a bit strong to suggest we ‘Frankenstein-ed’ the piece together- it comes a bit more gracefully than that- but the idea was essentially inspired from what the numerous Vermont craftsmen we  work with do every day.

Left to right, top row: New England Shaker Large Entertainment Center- Wall Unit, Vermont Made Shaker Entertainment Center 40″, New England Shaker Corner Entertainment Center #2  Bottom row: New England Shaker Media Center 57″, Retractable Pop-up TV Media Center 85″, Modern Shaker Bi-Fold Door Media Center

Combination pieces, like our TV Media Units, might be a bit of luxury but they’re well worth it.  Along with offering organization (especially for those pesky AV wires and extra remotes), they are beautiful works of art with the added bonus of the purpose they serve (who wants to watch TV on the floor?).  Better yet, they can be crafted to match your own artistic vision.  If this post has inspired you to dream up your perfect media unit- give us a call! We’d be happy to help make that dream a reality.





A New Curved TV-Media Center

October 12th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

I've never seen a TV-media center quite like this before.  What do you think?  I love the curves and the sliding tambour doors.  It seems very modern and clean.  You can customize it with a glass door in front so your remote controls will work.  Or choose an even tidier look by ordering wooden doors that pull together completely, hiding all signs of electronics and media.

If your TV room design is all straight lines this might be just the ticket to add warmth and soften it up!


Buying Custom Furniture Online: Customers Get Creative

October 8th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh


We're working with a customer who's shopping online for a large custom entertainment center.  He saw our Vermont Made Shaker Entertainment Center on our website and it was pretty close to the style he and his wife were looking for. 

It's funny… everybody has their own feelings about ordering furniture online.  Some customers prefer to order online because it's convenient and they have so many choices.  Others really need to see it, feel it and maybe sit in before buying.

But lots of customers are finding a middle ground in interesting and creative ways.  This customer (a fellow woodworker, as so many of our customers are) is making a cardboard mock-up of the TV-Media Center so he and his wife can see how it will fit in their home.  We're working on the dimensions now, adding a few inches here and there to accommodate his flat screen TV.  He'll adjust his mock-up as we do this, until the size and proportions are exactly right for their TV, AV and media.  Then we'll get started on crafting the real thing.

What strategies do you use to help shore up your confidence in buying furniture online?  I hope you'll share them with us!